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  • No cookies or web bugs leave this site.    Some of the canned scripts used here might employ them, but we don't store them, collect them, see them, or let anyone else see them (see caveats below). Regular users can turn off cookies.   Neither Java, Javascript, nor graphics are required. See the Acknowledgments for information about the scripts used on this site.
  • The private forums will authenticate you.  That means that we'll try to figure out that you are who you say you are.  We log this information.  The goal is to assure only privileged, invited users attend the private meetings.
  • The Fax Server will authenticate you to the recipient.  That means that we attach your Browser and ISP information to each fax you send from WWW.KYRC.ORG.  We log and retain copies of each fax. KRC may deny anyone the fax service for any reason. Please Note: while we'll do our best, there is no guarantee that faxes sent from WWW.KYRC.ORG will EVER arrive at their intended destination. Again, these faxes are not anonymous. Your IP address is printed on each fax.
  • Our service provider keeps logs of site usage.  Those are available to us (and to legal authorities bearing subpoenas).  They show your IP address, which pages are accessed and when.
  • We reserve the right to moderate the discussion groups. Also please see www.addr.com's permitted use policy, as they will also limit certain behaviors.
  • We have no advertising.  We will not release any information about you to anyone without your permission unless they have a subpoena or you break the next rule.
  • If you hack, crack, deface, deny service, or otherwise abuse this site, we'll be cranky.
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