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Constitutional Amendment #1: we support it.  Posted: October 11, 2002
KRC has received a number of requests regarding our position relative to Constitutional Amendment #1 on this year's upcomming ballot which seeks to amend the state constitution to designate a division of circuit court as "Family Court." The Kentucky Resources Council supports the Family Court constitutional amendment as a proven efficient, effective vehicle for delivering assistance to families and children in crisis. Family Court began as a model project in Jefferson County 11 years ago and today serve more than a million Kentuckians in 26 counties, and is considered a national model.

The Family Court concept operates on a principle of "one family, one judge, one court" - consolidating family-related matters in a division of circuit court and providing ancillary mediation, social service, and support services to help resolve crises affecting the health and welfare of children and families. Because Family Courts hear matters that traditionally were district court issues as well as circuit court matters, the General Assembly has proposed a constitutional amendment to expressly authorize the consolidation of family-related matters in a division of circuit court to be known as "Family Court."

More information about Constitutional Amendment #1 can be obtained by visiting www.kycourts.net.

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