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Where to take those old computers and monitors.  Posted: October 17, 2002
There is an organization in Frankfort that will take old computers, as long as they are Pentium or above, and old printers and monitors. They will fix them, and in turn donate the equipment to needy families. The name of the organization is the Salvation Student Technology Center, 119 West Main Street, Frankfort, KY 40601. The phone number is 502/226-6062.

Cartridges that contain ink for inkjet printers and toner for laser printers and copying machines are being accepted in Jefferson County at:

# 595 Hubbards Lane.

# 3520 Newburg Road.

# 7219 Dixie Highway (beind the Southwest Government Center).

# 9300 Whipps Mill Road (behind police station).

# 7201 Outer Loop (behind the Central Government Center).

# 10620 W. Manslick Road (behind the police station).

The Salvation Army of Frankfort will also take some type of gear.

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