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Jefferson County Land Development Zoning Regulations  Posted: October 21, 2002
On October 10, 2002, the Jefferson County Fiscal Court approved the new land development code zoning regulations. The regulations and accompanying form district map become effective on March 1, 2003, except for the adoption of the changes in the cell tower regulations, which become immediately effective.

The Fiscal Court made several technical changes to the regulations, and one substantive change, increasing the foot-candle limits for canopies and drive-through bays. This change does not affect the requirements for control of lighting at the property boundary to prevent nuisance off-site.

The regulations can be found at www.co.jefferson.ky.us/PlanDev/.

Commenting on the adoption of the new zoning regulations, one developer's attorney complained that the regulations will not prevent sprawl, but will just create better looking sprawl. An ironic statement, in light of the substantial amounts of time and money spent by developers to prevent the code and the new comprehensive plan from including planning tools to rein-in sprawl.

In the end, it is the political will, courage and wisdom of the elected officials, not the zoning regulations defining conditions for acceptable uses, that will determine how we develop, how a community invests its resources, and whether "sprawl" is checked. Bear that in mind on November 5, when an entirely new government will be elected to office in Jefferson County.

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