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Senate restores ability of Governor to adopt emergency regulations.  Posted: February 19, 2003
Senate restores ability of Governor to adopt emergency regulations where needed to protect human health and the environment.

Minutes ago, the state Senate adopted Floor Amendment #1 to Senate Bill 71, an administrative regulation bill aimed at curbing the power of the Governor to adopt emergency regulations. The bill would have eliminated the power to adopt regulations that became immediately effective unless there were an existing imminent danger to the public or environment. The amendment restores existing language that allows the Governor to adopt emergency regulations as needed to prevent harm and to protect human health and the environment.

Your calls and faxes made a big difference!!! KRC's effort to restore that language in committee was unsuccessful, but your contact with Senators from both parties helped turn the issue. The bill now moves to the House for consideration. A special thanks to Sen. Blevins for carrying the amendment, to Sen. Worley for raising the issue in caucus, to Sen. Karem and Sen. Kelly for speaking for the amendment, and to Sen. Roeding for accepting the amendment as a friendly amendment.

The Belated Alert

Today, the state Senate is scheduled to vote on Senate Bill 71. The bill, among other things, removes the ability of the Governor to issue emergency regulations where needed toprotect human health and the environment. Instead, emergency regulations could only be issued where an imminent danger already existed.

I am writing to ask your support for Senate Floor Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 71, and to ask that you oppose the bill absent that amendment. The bill is scheduled to be voted on today.

Existing law allows the Governor to publish emergency regulations where necessary to protect public health and the environment. SB 71 removes that power, requiring the Governor to wait until a harm becomes an existing, imminent danger to health or the environment before acting.

Government needs the power to act in real time where there is an emergency threatening human health or the environment. The public expects that government will not to sit idly until a threat to public health and the environment becomes an existing imminent danger before acting. Senator Blevin's Senate Floor Amendment 1 would restore the current language. Please call or fax your Senator and ask that they support Senate Floor Amendment 1 to SB 71, and oppose the bill without that amendment.

Legislative Message Line: 800-372-7181 Legislators Fax Line 502-564-6543 List of Senators: Williams, Roeding, Kelly, Borders, Tori, Worley, Turner, Jackson, Guthrie, Neal, Boswell, Herron, Leeper, Moore, Pendleton, Shaughnessy, Jones, Kerr, McGaha, Palmer, Seum, Stivers, Robinson, Denton, Harris, Mongiardo, Rhoads, Karem, Tapp, Stine, Thayer, Casebier, Westwood, Buford, Sanders, Scorsone, Saunders, Blevins

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