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Showing Courage: Call & Thank Them  Posted: February 28, 2003
In a session not marked by political courage, it is appropriate to recognize legislators who do show courage. Despite a push by a member of leadership to pass the oil and gas industry's bill, HB 458, 26 members of the House voted NO. Those who opposed HB 458 were Representatives Bather, Belcher, Bratcher, Cornett, Embry, Feeley, Graham, Hall, Higdon, Jenkins, Kerr, Marzian, Meeks, Moberly, Nelson, Palumbo, Pasley, Reinhardt, Richards, Riggs, Riner, Simpson, Ancel Smith, Brandon Smith, Walton and Wayne. Jim Wayne spoke against the bill. Ten others did not vote: Ballard, Dwight Butler, Crenshaw, Draud, Farmer, Lindsay, Miller, Napier, Nunn and Stein.

The NO vote was not an easy one for some of the Representatives from areas of the state where oil and gas is produced, since the industry invests heavily in some political campaigns to elect or defeat candidates they consider "friendly." Please send a message at 1-800-372-7181 thanking those who voted NO on HB 458, and keep up your efforts on the Senate side, where your efforts are already slowing the bill and may defeat it.

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