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Killing The Messenger  Posted: February 28, 2003
The Environmental Quality Commission, an advisory body attached to the Natural Resources Cabinet, has been an important sounding-board for environmental issues - providing a public forum on major environmental issues; and a mirror on our environmental progress, producing an annual report on the state of Kentucky's environment.

The Commission has been subject to periodic back-door assaults on its survival through the budget process by special interests, and those interests have succeeded succeeded for the first time in completely defunding EQC in the Senate-passed budget.

The decision to end the EQC is misguided and short-sighted. The decision to kill the agency by budgetary starvation, with no public debate or hearing, no individual vote on the merits of or the need for the agency, is an affront to all Kentuckians. This isn't about the money. With a total budget of 262.5 thousand in FY 03 and 276,300 in FY 04, whatever minute gain might be achieved from cutting that budget item would be offset by the significant and lasting damage that would be done to the public's interest by removing a multi-interest panel that has for a quarter of a century provided an important forum on current and emerging issues and given the state a periodic report card on environmental performance that we need even though we may not like the grade we've earned.

Fax (502-564-6543) and call (1-800-372-7181) the Budget Bill Conference Committee Members and urge them to fully restore the Environmental Quality Commission's budget for FY 2002-03 and 2003-04.

The Conference Committee members are Senators Williams, Kelly, Borders, Worley, Turner, Palmer, Sanders, & Leeper, and Representatives Richards, L. Clark, Callahan, Stumbo, Moberly, Hoover, DeWeese, Upchurch, Crenshaw, & J. Lee.

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