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The Latest on The Oil & Gas Bill  Posted: March 3, 2003
10:39 pm est

KRC has been informed that there will NOT be an amendment offered by Senate leadership or Senator Harris to the industry's oil and gas bill, HB 458. Apparently the industry has decided to "go for broke," and has sent word from the House that if the bill is amended they will not take the bill up.

The Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee will have a clear choice to make tomorrow -- vote for HB 458 and trample local government's ability to protect their citizens from harms while doing nothing to at the state level to prevent the harms, or vote against the bill, and send a clear message to the oil and gas industry that they cannot use the state legislative process as a shield against accountability to county governments for the damage caused to private citizens and public lands.

Your calls and faxes have helped slow this irresponsible bill. Keep those calls and letters coming, and hopefully the Senate will find the courage to stand fast against the oil and gas industry's power grab.

For more background on the issue, read today's Lexington Herald Leader article here

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