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A Bleak Session  Posted: March 11, 2003
It has been a bleak session thus far for the environment, in which budgetary damage done during the past year to the Natural Resources Cabinet by the Patton Administration was compounded by further cuts, and where "success" has been measured not by gains in protection of the public and environment but instead only in irresponsible bills defeated or softened.

As I head off this morning for the last legislative day before the two "veto days" set for March 24-5, with the fate of HB 458 unclear, I wanted to share two reflections from Marian Wright Edelman's "Guide My Feet" that might help get us all through these troubling days. The first, penned before 1995, might have been written today.

God, we confess that ours is still a world in which Herod seems to rule. The powerful are revered, the visions of the wise are ignored, The poor are afflicted and the innocent are killed. You show us that salvation comes in the vulnerability of a child, yet we hunger for the "security" of weapons and walls. You teach us that freedom comes in loving service yet we trample on others in our efforts to be "free." Forgive us when we look to the palace instead of the stable when we heed politicians more than prophets.

The second, coming from Ms. Edelman, a woman who dedicated her life to advocacy for children as president of the Children's Defense Fund, is a reflection on commitment.

God, please give me the courage of my conviction this day. Help me not to waver. Help me not to procrastinate. Help me not to rationalize. Help me not to play games with myself. Help me to stand strong with Thee.

May we all find the courage of our convictions and act on them today and always. Thank you each for your efforts this session.

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