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PO Box 1070, Frankfort, KY 40602  Phone 502.875.2428, Fax 502.875.2845

FAX Example: A demonstration of the technique.  Posted: January 11, 2004
These are the KRC comments that follows your text. Typically, this part is specific to a set of facts or circumstances. Also typically, more information and perhaps links to a specific fax are included on the KRC website, WWW.KYRC.ORG.

Also, please note that the printed fax has strict line lengths and page lengths- this is not true of your browser, so you will see a different looking document there. It is the same word for word, but unless you re-size your browser window to adjust yor margins, your copy will have a different line length, affecting the height of the paragraphs, and little else.

Note the UTC time value at the top of the fax- that is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Kentucky time is 5 hours later. Please also note that your IP address is logged and included in the fax. Together, these two values means that these are not anonymous faxes. The time & IP address specifies a machine or NATTED network.

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