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HONORING PAUL VAN BOOVEN  Posted: January 16, 2004
After a four-year battle with cancer, Paul Van Booven died at age 52 on January 10. Paul, former Associate Dean of the UK College of Law and General Counsel to the University of Kentucky, was instrumental in the difficult legal battle to secure protection of UK's Robinson Forest from strip mining, and in helping to guide the University Board of Trustees and President in a recent affirmation that the University of Kentucky Robinson Scholars Program will not be funded through mining the 14,000-acre main block of the Robinson Forest. Paul will be remembered by all of us who attended the UK College of Law during his tenure, as a thoughtful, caring, conscientious advisor and friend. We are better for having known him. The Kentucky Resources Council, Inc., has made a donation to the Robinson Scholars Program in honor of Paul, and invites you to also consider making a donation in his memory to: UK Robinson Scholars Program, 104 Sturgill Development Building, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506.

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