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State Revises Power Plant Ash Landfill Permit To Address KRC Concerns  Posted: February 27, 2004
The Kentucky Division of Solid Waste has required modifications to the application of Thoroughbred Energy for a coal combustion ash landfill, in response to KRC's comments. In comments submitted on September 23, 2003 (see headline "KRC comments on Thoroughbred Coal Ash Landfill" below) KRC expressed concern with the lack of ambient instream surface water quality monitoring, and with liner compaction. In response, the Division required the permit applicant to modify the surface water sampling plan to eliminate ineffective monitoring of inflow to sediment structures, and added upstream and downstream monitoring of Nelson Creek. The Cabinet also agreed that the possibility of differential settlement under the landfill and sediment structures was a concern, and resolved the concern by requiring considerable earthwork, verification of material properties used in construction, and compactive effort before construction. KRC appreciates the Cabinet's incorporation of these concerns into the permit.

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