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Landowner Succeeds In Obtaining Groundwater Protections In Pooling Order  Posted: June 15, 2004
Under Kentucky law, the state Division of Oil and gas can force a "pooling" of the oil and gas interests of a landowner with the interests of other landowners where the size or condition of lands does not allow the neighbor to find a drill site while respecting distance limits from property lines.

Equitable Production Company sought an order forcing landowner Sheryl Bolling's oil and gas interests to be pooled for oil and gas production, and she opposed the pooling due to concerns with protection of her water supply.

Over the objections of the company, the state agreed with Bolling, and issued an order directing that her well water supply be tested before and after drilling for both qualitative and yield changes, that she be given copies of all testing, and that in the case of damage to the water supply, the company replace that supply. It is believed to be the first time that the state Division of Oil and Gas has imposed environmental protection conditions on oil and gas operators in a pooling order. Ms. Bolling was represented by KRC

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