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Changes Made to Proposed Solid Waste Regs In Response To KRC Comments  Posted: July 26, 2004
The state Division of Waste Management (DWM) has made changes to proposed solid waste planning regulations in response to KRC's concerns. In May 25 comments, KRC expressed concern with a proposal to delete the requirement that public notices meet minimum informational requirements. KRC had also commented on a new proposed state regulation that requires the registration and reporting by solid waste recyclers and collectors. In response, the state DWM restored the previous content requirement detailing what must be in public notices for solid waste plan amendments; revised the proposed definition of "illegal open dump" to be consistent with the statute concerning what dumps are eligible for cleanup funds; and revised the definition of "recycler" to broaden who must file reports with the Cabinet concerning materials processed. KRC appreciates the changes made by DWM in response to our comments. KRC's comments are available on the web at www.kyrc.org. To read the DWM Statement of Consideration describing their response to public comments on the proposed regulations, click here.

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