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Jefferson Co. School Board Revises Siting Policy To Include Public Notice And Meeting  Posted: August 23, 2006


The acquisition of sites for the Jefferson County Public Schools shall be in accordance with the districtís long-range building program. Such sites shall be submitted to the Louisville Metro Planning Commission for information and discussion after completion of the public notification procedures below and shall meet the State Department of Educationís requirements. When an acceptable site has been identified, the superintendent/designee shall conduct a public information meeting to hear comments from the public regarding the proposed site, at a suitable facility in a place convenient to the affected community. Public notification shall be given not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled meeting via the news media. At least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting notice shall also be mailed to adjacent neighbors, neighborhood associations registered with the Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services and/or the JCPS Executive Director of Facilities/Transportation, and the Louisville Metro Council member representing the area. The meeting shall be open to the public. All persons desiring to be heard shall be given an opportunity to present oral testimony. The board of education may set reasonable time limits for testimony. An audio or video record of the meeting shall be filed with the facilities plan and speakers may provide a written transcript of their testimony. An executive summary of the meeting shall be filed with the Louisville Metro Planning Commission and a copy of the executive summary will be mailed to any commenters requesting a mailed copy.

Every effort shall be made to purchase sites by negotiation with a willing seller at a fair and reasonable price. If a real estate agent is retained for the purpose of negotiating with an owner for the purchase of a site and the negotiation is successful, payment for services rendered shall be at a previously agreed upon rate.

If negotiations for the purchase of a site are not successful and every effort has been exhausted to achieve acceptable purchase terms, the right of eminent domain may be utilized and condemnation proceedings authorized. Payment for services rendered by a real estate agent and/or attorney, in the case of condemnation proceedings, shall be made on an hourly basis.

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