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KRC Asks Senators to Oppose Amendment Allowing Public Trees To Be Cut For Billboard Visibility  Posted: March 29, 2008
March 28, 2008

Dear Senator:

I'm writing to ask that you oppose the Senate floor amendment to HB 192. The amendment would attach most of House Bill 582 – this year’s version of the bill authorizing cutting down of public right-of-way trees to assure billboard visibility. SFA 1 to HB 192:

* fails to distinguish permitted from nonconforming billboards (the latter category are supposed to be removed);

* does not allow cities to control whether trees should or should not be cut on rights-of-way of highways located in their boundaries;

* would allow the cutting down of trees and bushes that were planted as part of a highway beautification effort, in addition to volunteer trees that have grown;

* allows destruction of public property to assure the billboard industry something that by law they have no right to - the distraction of the motoring public for commercial purposes.

Thank you for your consideration of these concerns.


Tom FitzGerald

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