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The 2012 General Assembly Regular Session: Bills We're Watching: The Prefiled Edition  Posted: December 20, 2011

2012 GENERAL ASSEMBLY REGULAR SESSION: Bills We’re Watching: The Prefiled Edition

This list profiles the environmental, conservation, consumer and general government bills that the Kentucky Resources Council will be tracking during the 2012 session.

This year is a “long” session, and begins on January 3, 2012 with a scheduled adjournment of April 9, 2012.

Feel free to forward this to anyone you feel might be interested, and to utilize, reprint or quote from the bill analyses. We ask only that you attribute KRC as the source when you use our analytical material (so we can take all the blame for anything we’ve gotten wrong!)


Send this to a friend, and tell them to write us at FitzKRC@aol.com if they want to receive notice when these postings are updated.


For a copy of any prefiled bill, visit the Legislature's 2012 Session page at http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/11RS/record.htm

To find your legislators email, go to http://www.lrc.ky.gov/whoswho/email.htm

The phone number to reach a legislator in person is 502-564-8100 (this is not toll-free).

The toll-free meeting schedule information line is 1-800-633-9650.

The toll-free message line is 1-800-372-7181, to leave a message for a legislator or an entire committee. The TTY message line is 1-800-896-0305. En Espanol, el nombre es 1-866-840-6574. The toll-free bill status number is 1-866-840-2835.

Please note that the Council does not have a position on each bill listed. Some bills are tracked for general interest; others simply to assure that they do not become vehicles for mischievous amendments.

The primary sponsor of the bill is noted. The prefiled bills will be filed and will be assigned new House of Senate numbers by the end of the first legislative week.

BR 14 (Burch)

Would amend existing law to require audits of state agencies to be sent to the Kentucky Personnel Board and reports of improper financial handling to be made to various state agencies; create a new section of KRS Chapter 18A to require the Kentucky Personnel Board to review audits of state agencies, and to allow removal of uuiniversity trustees.

BR 114 (Combs)

Concurrent resolution establishing a timber theft and trespass reduction task force to develop consensus recommendations on reducing timber theft and trespass.

BR 137 (Mills)

Would allow school boards to approve billboards on school buses, except that political, alcohol and tobacco advertising would be prohibited. Quite possible that the attempted “content-based” restrictions on the advertising would be struck if challenged, and bill provides that program would end if the content-based restrictions are deemed unconstitutional.

BR 141 (Farmer)

Would prohibit a secondary metals recycler from purchasing copper from any person except a licensed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor, electrical contractor, plumber, homebuilder, remodeler, or public or private utility, and to make daily reports of any copper transaction to local police; establish penalties for unlawful acts relating to acquiring or selling metals.

BR 145 (Higdon)

Would place on the ballot an amendment to Sections 36 and 42 of the Constitution of Kentucky relating to even-year sessions of the General Assembly, to limit even-year sessions to 30 days.

BR 173 (Wayne)

Would amend KRS Chapter 100 to allow a planning unit to incorporate airport noise overlay districts within its zoning texts and maps and to incorporate guidelines on building techniques and materials that are designed to provide acoustical insulation benefits to structures within the overlay.

BR 197 (Sinnette)

Would prohibit bidders for city utility franchises from recovering the franchise fee from ratepayers through fees or surcharges on their bills.

BR 205 (Palmer)

Would amend KRS 433.890 to provide for the identification of sellers of nonferrous metals and for the payment of nonferrous metal purchases.

BR 211 (Wayne)

Would create a framework for public financing for judicial campaigns, funded by fee imposed on attorneys that are members of the Kentucky Bar Association.

BR 218 (Koenig)

Would eliminate the Kentucky Wood Products Competitiveness Corporation and transfer its functions to the Cabinet for Economic Development.

BR 261 (Pendleton)

Would legalize and regulate growing of industrial hemp, require background checks by sheriff, allow field testing, assess fee to fund.

BR 264 (Harmon)

Would propose constitutional amendment to amend Sections 50 and 256 of the Constitution of Kentucky, and to repeal Sections 48 and 49 of the Constitution, in order to allow issuance of appropriations-supported debt by the Commonwealth.

BR 272 (Mills)

Same as BR 137. Would allow school boards to approve billboards on school buses, except that political, alcohol and tobacco advertising would be prohibited. Quite possible that the attempted “content-based” restrictions on the advertising would be struck if challenged, and bill provides that program would end if the content-based restrictions are deemed unconstitutional.

BR 281 (Belcher)

Would require minimum levels of physical activity for grades K through 5.

BR 285 (Henderson)

Would require secondary metals recyclers to register with state police and to restrict sales of nonferrous metals to such recyclers to persons holding permits obtained from local sheriff’s department.

BR 294 (Schickel)

Would allow the sale of raw milk at a farm site.

BR 315 (Steele)

Joint resolution that would encourage incorporation of improvements to sewer infrastructure and elimination of straight pipes into mitigation under the Section 404 program, and would require the Energy and Environment Cabinet to work with the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville to develop a method of evaluating the value of straight pipes and sewer projects to the overall mitigation requirement.

BR 324 (Hoover)

Would make numerous revisions to the Kentucky Code of Legislative Ethics.

BR 327(Harmon)

Would amend existing law concerning the election of Governor and Lieutenant Governor and limits on contributions by legislative agents.

BR 344(Nesler)

Would require retail food establishments to notify consumers of the country of origin of catfish sold in their establishments by means of a label, menu, or other sign and allow sampling by state to verify species.

BR 356 (Wuchner and Fischer)

Would prohibit regulations with a fiscal impact on government or regulated entities of over $500,000 from taking effect until ratified by General Assembly. Cost analysis ignores benefits of regulations. Effect of statute would likely be loss of delegated status for air quality and other regulatory programs, where changes to federal regulations must be adopted by state in order to retain authority to implement those pograms.

BR 358 (Riggs)

Would allow a city of the second class in Metro Louisville to establish an independent board of zoning adjustment with exclusive jurisdiction within the city's territorial jurisdiction.

BR 430 (Rollins)

Require the Kentucky Department of Education to consult with the Department for Environmental Protection and the Kentucky Chapter of the U. S. Green Building Council in promoting green cleaning programs in schools.

BR 439 (Glenn)

Would dedicate one percent of the balance in the budget reserve trust fund annually to be divided equally between the Kentucky alternative fuel and renewable energy fund, the rural development fund, and the water quality account of the infrastructure revolving fund, to be used for research and development.

BR 449 (Denton)

Would propose constitutional amendment to eliminate office of the Constable.

BR 802 (Steele)

A proposed concurrent resolution expressing concern about the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement's stream protection rule and asking for objective and scientific data to determine whether regulatory changes are necessary.

BR 807 (Crenshaw)

Proposed constitutional amendment to allow persons convicted of a felony other than treason, intentional killing, a sex crime, or bribery the right to vote after expiration of probation, final discharge from parole, or maximum expiration of sentence; submit to the voters for ratification or rejection.

BR 821(Thayer)

Proposed constitutional amendment to abolish the office of Treasurer.

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