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Aloma Dew Is First Recipient of Sue Anne Salmon Community Advocacy Award  Posted: October 15, 2012
Sue Anne Salmon Community Advocacy Award

On January 9, 2010, the Board of the Kentucky Resources Council, Inc. authorized the first award ever given by the Board in its then 25-year history. The award, called the “Sue Anne Salmon Community Advocacy Award,” is intended to recognize those who demonstrate principled and courageous advocacy for the betterment of community and the environment, as Sue Anne did for her whole life. Sue Anne “smiled from ear to ear” when she learned of the award, according to her sister Lucy. Sue Anne died on January 13, 2010 after a six year battle with ovarian cancer.

It is my privilege and honor to bestow the inaugural Sue Anne Salmon Community Advocacy Award on a person whom Sue Anne greatly admired, and whose friendship Sue Anne valued deeply. Sue Anne valued also her dedication to the causes for which they struggled over the years. The first recipient is – Aloma Dew.

In discussing the choice of Aloma as the first recipient of the award, Mary Templeton, one of Sue Anne’s sisters, said that Sue Anne would be proud and honored for Aloma to be the first recipient of the award given in her name. Mary wrote that “Aloma and Lee came to visit Sue Anne toward the end of her life. We will never forget their kindness to her.” Mary hoped that she had told you, Aloma, that “Sue Anne was so delighted and comforted to see them. Sue Anne was blessed to have such good people as the Dews as friends and collaborators, and to hold her so dearly in memory.” Lucy Crain, Sue Anne’s other sister, added that “Sue Anne considered Aloma Dew as one of her significant mentors in environmental efforts.” They both wish they could be here in person, but send their best wishes, and thanked us for remembering and honoring their little sister (who did such big things with her efforts).

It is my privilege to present, on behalf of the Board of the Kentucky Resources Council, this award to a woman who, like Sue Anne, has patterned courage, tenacity, grace and love of others, in her life’s work. In her memory, and in your honor, let us all recommit ourselves to the unfinished task of restoring sanity, justice, and equity to our environmental policies.

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