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Your help is needed to stop two bills, both of which would harm the ability of Jefferson County and the state to require vehicle emissions testing as a component of their air quality plans for reaching and maintaining compliance status for air in northern Kentucky and Jefferson County. PLEASE CONTACT THE MEMBERS OF HOUSE LEADERSHIP TO OPPOSE SENATE BILL 48 AND HOUSE BILL 27.

House Bill 27 was approved on a narrow vote by a House committee, and House leadership will either send the bill to the floor for a vote or return it to committee. It should be recommitted for further consideration in light of significant problems it raises.

HB 27 HCS was presented to the Committee as a compromise bill that gave a one-year new car exemption from vehicle emission testing in Jefferson County. The language of the bill, however, defines 'vehicle' as a car or truck that is 'two (2) model years in age or older', so that Jefferson County would lose the ability to test during the first two years. A two, or even one-year exemption, may adversely affect Jefferson County's achievement and maintenance of both attainment of air quality and a healthy economy, since any reduction in credits for maintenance of the vehicle program which are lost by exempting vehicles would have to be made up either from other pollution sources (industry) or from banked credits held for future economic expansion.

SB 48, as passed by the Senate, still poses significant adverse consequences to the health and economy of Jefferson County residents. While reports have described the amended SB 48 as 'watered down', it is not. The bill still mandates elimination of the vehicle testing program in any county attaining air quality standards at the earliest possible date and mandates that the outcome of the study will be elimination of the vehicle testing program.

The vehicle emissions program is a minor inconvenience that provides cost-effective credited pollution reductions. Please contact House Leadership (Reps. Stumbo, Richards, Barrows, Callahan, Ford, Allen and Larry Clark) and ask them to oppose SB 48 and HB 27. Thanks. You will help make Jefferson Countians breathe easier!

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