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All questions, inquiries, and applications should be sent to

All questions, inquiries, and applications should be sent to

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New KRC Director Search Is Underway
by Betsy Bennett, KRC Board of Directors

In March 2019 the Board of Directors held a gala celebrating KRC’s 35th year of protecting Kentucky’s built and natural environments. At that time, KRC Founder and Director Tom FitzGerald announced his future retirement on December 31, 2021. It is hard to believe, but 2021 is now upon us. 

We understand that Fitz’s stepping down as Director and assuming a more limited emeritus status is the largest change KRC has ever and most likely will ever experience. For over 37 years, Fitz has been quietly and humbly working around the clock, leading the Kentucky Resources Council in the endless quest to protect Kentucky’s water, land, and air, and natural and built communities. Without a doubt, Fitz has modeled what it means to altruistically serve others and it is his example that inspires KRC’s next chapter. The entire staff and board of KRC are fully committed to honoring Fitz’s legacy by launching KRC into another four decades of keeping Kentucky and its residents healthy and safe, with no slippage in the quality and volume of our work to further environmental justice and environmental health. The question, understandably, is how will we achieve this?

Since that announcement in March 2019, the Board has been hard at work implementing the key steps of KRC’s succession and strategic plans.

The Board has:

  • analyzed our strengths and weaknesses
  • expanded our staff
  • significantly expanded our board
  • expanded and better focused our program offerings
  • identified a dedicated Search Committee
  • partnered with expert HR professionals who will support the Search Committee during the hiring and onboarding of KRC’s second Director. 
Throughout 2021, the Search Committee will update you monthly on the status of our Director search in the KRC newsletter. Additionally, we will keep you informed through website and video updates and fall events as an opportunity to meet (whether that be virtual or, if safe to do so, in-person) the new Director. Of course, our staff and board are completely open to answering any questions and holding meetings for you or your group so that you may learn more about our search process or the current program focus of KRC. 

The Board is also pleased to announce that thanks to the generosity of hundreds of donors, we are able to fund a significant overlap of work for Fitz and our second Director. 

Lastly, starting January 1, 2022, Fitz will transition from KRC’s Director to Director Emeritus. In this role, he will serve as KRC’s chief lobbyist during the 2022 Kentucky General Assembly.

Now, we know that we are all better when we work together. This year there will be many ways you can be a part of the second chapter of KRC’s fight for environmental justice and environmental health. 
The official job description will be posted in the first quarter of 2021.
Get involved and help launch KRC into its next chapter!
  • Ask questions (contact our Office Manager, Amy Carpenter, at
  • Schedule a time to learn about KRC’s program focuses for you or your group (contact our Development Associate for Major Gifts, Donna Counts, at
  • Stay updated on KRC’s news
  • Share KRC’s news, including our official job announcement. 
  • Volunteer for one of the 2021 event planning teams
  • Volunteer for a KRC sub-committee (financial, development, litigation, or KELI)
  • Order a KRC shirt for yourself or gift one to another (proceeds help fund KRC operations).
  • Donate to help fund the transition. 
We are all stewards of our world, accountable to each other and to our children’s children, and all future generations, for the choices we make