KRC Endorses Fine Particulate Task Force Report

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KRC Endorses Fine Particulate Task Force Report  Posted: January 17, 2008
January 16, 2008

Chair and Members of the Board
Metro Louisville Air Pollution Control District
850 Barrett Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40204

Re: Fine Particle Air Quality Task Force Report
and Plan of Action

Dear APCD Board Members:

I am writing to convey the endorsement of the Kentucky Resources Council, Inc. for Board adoption of the Final Report of the Fine Particulate Task Force, Fine Particle Air Quality Task Force Report and Plan of Action. The Kentucky Resources Council, Inc. was a participant in the Task Force, and has endorsed the consensus report that is before you today.

As with any consensus process that includes a diverse representation of stakeholders from all sectors of our community and economy, there are aspects of the recommendations contained in the report that KRC would have written differently had we authored those recommendations alone. The decision not to include an interim numerical benchmark for progress towards a health-based goal, in particular, is one that KRC accepted as necessary to achieve consensus on what is perhaps the most significant aspect of the report ? the recognition by all participants that achievement and maintenance of the regulatory limits for PM 2.5 is but an interim step in what must be an ongoing iterative process of reducing ambient concentrations of PM 2.5 and its precursor pollutants.

I appreciate the dedicated work of the District staff, the good faith of all participants and the work in particular of the members and staff of the Mobile Source Subcommittee that I had the privilege of chairing, and I encourage your adoption of the final report and plan of action.

Tom FitzGerald

By Kentucky Resources Council on 01/17/2008 4:48 PM
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