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As Others See KRC 2015  Posted: December 8, 2015


You are worth your weight in gold. Never in a million years or in this century could a small group of local residents ever have been able to master the mammoth effects this stinking landfill has had on this community.

Kenny and Candy Messer

We appreciate all you do ? especially on the pipeline issue!

Martha Young, Lebanon, Kentucky

So much appreciation to Fitz and Company for so many years! I can’t imagine how our state would survive without you. Thank you.

Lou Coots

Thanks to you got your continuing tireless efforts on all environmental issues here in the Commonwealth!

Ruth Billings, Kentucky Waterways Alliance Board Member

I can never thank you enough for all the tough battles you fight for those who can’t fight for themselves My prayers are with you and if there is anything I can do for you and the Kentucky Resources Council, please ask.

Greta Combs, Ary, Kentucky

Fitz, you simply rock! We would be struggling with each and every passing day here without you working on our behalf. This morning the smell from the landfill was horrific and sickening. Once day, I am going to have a T-shirt designed that states “Fitz it!” Kentucky should definitely be proud of all you have accomplished for the people. Thanks again!

Kenny and Candy Messer, Boyd County, Kentucky

I really do appreciate the work Fitz is doing on the NGL pipelines and fracking in Kentucky. He is such a blessing to us all and future generations.

Mary Ann Chamberlain, Lexington, Kentucky

To all you good folks at KRC – I don’t think I could ever repay the Council for all you have provided!

Robin Higgins, Madison County, Kentucky

We want to thank you for your decades of work with the Kentucky Resources Council promoting environmental justice in the Kentucky coalfields. Thank you specifically for representing those working against the Bluegrass Pipeline and winning an important decision on limits to the right of eminent domain. Thank you for your continued leadership in this work!

Clair McGowan, Bardstown, Kentucky; Sister Macrina Stermec, Barbara Mercer, Sr. Mary Cabrini Hatley, Sr. Isabel Lehmenkuler, Louisville, Kentucky, Sr. Marina Gibbons, St. Catherine, Kentucky

Mr. FitzGerald and KRC, I really appreciate all the great work you do on behalf of all of us! Thank you!

Marianne Ratledge, Louisville, Kentucky

Please accept this donation for all the great work you do.

Sallie Bright, Danville, Kentucky

To all of you at KRC – it is a privilege to give back!

Robin Higgins, Richmond, Kentucky

We so appreciate your invaluable service to our Commonwealth as of late, especially the eminent domain campaign.

Rosanne Fitts Klarer and Tim Klarer, Georgetown, Kentucky

Thank you – simple words cannot fully say how very much I appreciate your work on our behalf. Whatever the outcome from this point I will be content knowing that we had the best legal help possible going to bat for us.

Chris Sansbury, Bullitt County, Kentucky

Tom – you and your staff get more accomplished with your limited resources than any organization I know in Kentucky.

Howard Myers, Lexington, Kentucky

We don’t live that far out of Louisville and our LAND LINE is the only reliable contact with the outside world. Thank you for all you do, including your opposition to AT&T’s bill!

Patsie Peak, New Albany, Indiana

We all need heroes in our lives... Fitz and his "gang" are ours! Our heartfelt thanks to those who were at the forefront, especially the KURED members.

Bob and Deb Pekny, Versailles, Kentucky

FITZ, thank you with all our hearts! Do you have any idea how much hope and confidence you offer to our entire state that integrity and smarts can still make a difference in this so often disheartening world?

Claire McGowan, Executive Director, New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future

We need you and KRC more than ever!

Juda Maria Hellman, Louisville, Kentucky

Thanks for all of your perseverance, Tom and staff! Long life to ya!

Kate Cunningham, Louisville, Kentucky

Thank you for all the KRC and you do for us.

Phyllis Hawkins, Plea for the Trees Member, Louisville, Kentucky.

Thanks to you and KRC for your dependable attention to the issues and your hard work.

Walter “Flip” Bell, Louisville, Kentucky

The Mimms family is sending this letter to you with sincere gratitude for helping us. Without your expert guidance and help, we would have a cell tower practically in our backyard now. What you do for others and those who are at a disadvantage truly makes a difference. We are truly thankful and blessed that you were willing to help and that we connected with you along our journey.

The Mimms Family, Madisonville, Kentucky

Thank you for your generous and expert pro bono legal work on behalf of the Metropolitan Housing Coalition to help to turn back the proposed increase that would have negatively impacted lower income households and reduced the incentives for energy conservation and alternative energy. You’re the best!

John Cullen, Board Member, Metropolitan Housing Coalition

On behalf of the board of directors of the Metropolitan Housing Coalition and as a consumer of LG&E’s energy, I want to thank you and Cathy for your time and energy advocating for a more reasonable, less onerous rate increase. As you both well know, this has major ramifications for low-income families in our communities. I sincerely thank you for your work.

Adam Hall, Board Chair, Metropolitan Housing Coalition

Thank you for all the work you do for Kentucky and the people of Kentucky!

Mary Drake, Bardstown, Kentucky

Keep up the good work! We are proud to know you!

Brereton and Libby Jones, Midway, Kentucky

Thank you for all of your essential work as a watchdog and advocate!

Curtis Stauffer, Director, Homeless and Housing Coalition of Kentucky

Thank you so much for what you have accomplished in protecting the freedom of neighbors to protest encroachment on their area by unwanted monied entities.

Joan Mayer, Member, Southwest Clark County Neighborhood Association, Clark County, Kentucky

As always, you were splendid: knowledgeable, open, patient, funny...

Mary Swain, Loretto Community, Marion County, Kentucky

Thank you for your tireless work. You have been exemplary in guiding us through the last four years fighting a private industry behemoth [AT&T]. Thank you so much for all the time, energy, and soul you put into this work. You fought a valiant fight that will continue to make Kentucky a better place.

Edyael Casaperalta, Public Knowledge, Washington, D.C.

Your voice on behalf of the powerless is crucial to the welfare of our state.

John Wilborn, Trustee, Raymond and Irene Wilborn Charitable Foundation, Louisville, Kentucky

Thanks for all of the work that KRC does!

Steve and Tiffany Meek, Flatwoods, Kentucky

It has been a pleasure and a blessing working with you. I can imagine what would have happened without your help, it would not have been good… I have learned a lot by observing and working with you, you did a great job.

Wesley Mimms, son of Winola Mimms, Madisonville, Kentucky

Please accept this donation on behalf of the Wolf Pen Preservation Association as a “thank you’ for your help with the Hills project. We are very grateful for your advice, time, and friendship.

WPPA Board of Directors, Louisville, Kentucky

Dear Fitz: Hope you and the crew are well. Know you are working wonders! Thanks!

Patsie Peak, New Albany, Indiana

Thank you and the Kentucky Resources Council for the many times you have represented MHC in our efforts to make energy more affordable for struggling families in our community. I truly appreciate your support.

Adam Hall, Metropolitan Housing Coalition Board Member, Louisville.

Simply, thank you, Liz and all of KRC – as someone put it, unsung heroes!

Robin Higgins, Richmond, Kentucky

Thanks for the hard work and effort you devote to our world!

Allan Ditmer, Louisville, Kentucky

Tom, thank you so much for volunteering your time and legal expertise to help MHC with this important issue that would have otherwise gone unchallenged to the detriment of many of our fellow citizens. We are very lucky to have you and KRC as a partner!

John Cullen, Board Member, Metropolitan Housing Coalition, Louisville.
Fitz and Staff: Keep up the good fight in 2015! Thanks for all you do for Ky. And the wider world!

Rick and Deb McChane, Louisville, Kentucky

We don’t know what we would have done without you. Words can’t express our gratitude for all you have done. Thank you for being you and what you do for others. You shine a positive light on mankind.

Lori Mimms, on behalf of her mother Winola Mimms, Madisonville, Ky.

Great work Fitz and team! Thanks for all you do to build a blessed community!

Kate Cunningham, Louisville, Kentucky

The world’s a better place because you folks are in it!

Joan Denton, Madisonville, Kentucky

God Bless You for all of your special work!

Mary Jane Hartlage, Louisville, Kentucky

I appreciate so very much Kentucky resources Council’s work and dedication to Kentucky’s environment!

Ken Galyen, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Thank you Fitz for the help you have given us in Trimble County on the issue of coal ash disposal. The support of KRC and the Sierra Club have been very much appreciated.

Betsy Liston, Bedford, Kentucky

Thanks Fitz and Staff….Y’all give us hope!

Rosanne and Tim Klarer, Georgetown, Kentucky

Thanks, Fitz, for all your work on these very worthwhile causes. I loved your comments in Georgetown when we were fighting the pipeline!

Dorothy Butler, Georgetown, Kentucky

Your long commitment to protecting Kentuckians and our environment is so greatly appreciated. You know that you are indispensable so stay healthy and involved! The enclosed contribution is made on behalf of our native plants and animals who can’t vote but who you represent so often and so well.

Dr. Bill Martin, Lexington, Kentucky
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