Benefit Concert for Kentucky Resources Council

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Benefit Concert for Kentucky Resources Council  Posted: April 17, 2001




Free Event

Sunday, April 22

12 - 7 p.m.

Theater Square on Fourth Street between Broadway and Chestnut in Louisville

Sponsored by Heine Brothers Coffee

Music, Dance, Puppetry, and other Street Performances

Photography Exhibit & Environmental Films

Community-wide Interactive Art Project

Artists, Vendors, and Exhibitors

Educational Presentations

Cultural Ceremonies

Meditation Garden

Kids' Activities

Poetry Contest


Benefit Concert for Kentucky Resources Council

7:30 p.m. at Kentucky Theater


For Information call 948-6885

Celebrate Earth Day on Fourth Street


CONTACT: Jeanette McDermott 585-1566 


To commemorate Earth Day 2001, Louisville's Kentucky Theater Project will host a lively street and theater fair, called "Love Earth, Louisville," on Sunday, April 22nd on Fourth Street between Broadway and Chestnut Street from 12-7pm.

The main themes for the event are Spirituality, the Arts, and Environmental Justice.

Booths and displays will line Fourth Street and highlights will include

cultural ceremonies, speakers, street performances and environmental films, kids activities, food and beverages, and a community-wide art project, photographic exhibit, poetry contest, and meditation garden. The Earth Day celebration, sponsored by Heine Brothers Coffee, is free.

Immediately following Earth Day, a benefit concert will be held at the

Kentucky Theater for the Kentucky Resources Council, a non-profit

environmental advocacy organization. Tickets for the benefit concert are $25. Featured acts are Down to Earth, Ten Penny Bit, and EarthHeart (John Gage and Bob Rosenthal).


For information about booth space, call (502) 451-3678. For

information about the poetry contest, call (502) 261-8301 or 266-6925. For information about participating in cultural ceremonies, call 459-6361. To volunteer or receive other information, call (812) 948-6885.

12:00 Opening- David Two Bears

12:15 John Gage and EarthHeart with Bob Rosenthal

1:00 Pneuma (School drumming group)

1:45 Danny Flanagan and The Rain Chorus

2:30 Mystic Rhythm (Buddhist woman's drumming group)

3:15 Garbage Can Band (Marie Augustine and Warren Hester

4:00 Michael Kessler and The Workingclass Heroes

4:45 Serpent Wisdom (Jackson Renfro's original music)

5:30 Misha Feigin ( Moscow-born songwriter presenting

                        Children of the Rainbow)

6:45 Closing ceremony Ya-Ya Diallo

Music highlights:

Serpent Wisdom

The ever-evolving art and expression of Jackson Renfro guarantees a musical experience. Performing songs from his CD, Fat Lotta Good, Renfro and his "International Band of Mystery" will treat crowds to eclectic rhythms, rock and chanting. One song in particular is special to this event, a love song to the planet called "Green Thing." Jackson explains a bit of the lyrics..."She's given to fierce mood swings but she grows me flowers." Watch out Ma Nature...

Michael Kessler & the Workingclass Heroes

With the band's name borrowed the John Lennon song, the Workingclass Heroes area "folkgrass 'n' roll" four-piece band led by longtime environmental and peace activist Michael Kessler. Plans to be on the road to the west and northwest coasts and Alaska with his program "History of the Future," will take the Louisville native's message far beyond Earth Day. Kessler's goal with his music and words are "to create a constitutional global nation that is environmentally friendly."

Garbage Can Band

Musicians Warren Hester and Marie Augustine are all the recycling rage in local schools and other youth-oriented events with environmental lessons in song. Focusing on the young people at the turn of the century, balladeers Hester and Augustine educate, charm and inspire crowds a lively ABC's of the environment's needs.

Mystic Rhythm

From the Buddhist lay organization Soka Gakkai, this multi-cultural drumming group features the talents of ten women who will transport your soul and your feet to another level. Performing at regional cultural festivals, local organizations and Actors Theater keeps this group pounding away. Several of the women were special guests of Laura Shine on her WFPK "Saturday Show, April 14 along with Jeanette McDermott. Good show!

Invocation will be given by David Two Bears. He is the national chairman of the National Native American Inter-Tribal Association. His cultural pride resonates in his name--for the Sioux, bears are sacred.

The very unique Meditation Garden, will provide a quiet place amidst the festivities. David Two Bears will provide flute music throughout the day in the garden.

Engaging and prolific in his environmental efforts within the urban area, Tom Owen will be giving a talk on transportation relative to Louisville at 1:30.

The closing ceremony will be an African purification rite performed by Ya Ya Diallo. Originally from Mali, Diallo teaches African healing and drums in Louisville.

...and much, much more! Enjoy this nationally celebrated day with your friends and family on Fourth Street.

By Kentucky Resources Council on 04/17/2001 5:32 PM
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