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Counting Our Blessings  Posted: December 19, 2013

KRC - as others see us 2013

Thanks for the hard work, the dedication, the brilliance, and the courage in the name of the land, the people, and justice! You are extraordinary!

Chris Schimmoeller, Franklin County, Kentucky

I appreciate all you are doing on these matters - and shudder to think of where our state would be without you.

Ceci Mitchell, Franklin County, Kentucky

You are truly a Kentuckiana gem! Thanks for being a part of the Bluegrass Bioneers and supporting our grassroots efforts to bring sustainability, justice, and environmental education to the general population of our bioregion. Your work and passion are appreciated. We look forward to continuing the work together as we make a more resilient Louisville.

Bluegrass Bioneers, Louisville, Kentucky

Thanks for all you all do to help our mountains and the people there.

Patsie Peak, New Albany, Indiana

Thanks so much for coming tonight. Everyone is appreciative of your time and expertise.

Barbara Dickison, Pendleton County Planning Commissioner

Thank you for your effort, enthusiasm, persistence, and work. Thank you for your availability to people and groups of them when they seek your expertise and representation. Your efforts make many feel viable, valid, and significant. Keep doing what you?re doing.

David Bell, Battletown, Meade County, Kentucky

Barry and I appreciate your assistance concerning the wind turbines issue. The phone conference with you has bolstered all of our hopes that something can be done to prevent the destruction of our community by having those structures too near our homes.

Melinda Taylor Fields, May’s Lick, Kentucky

Thanks so much for all your care and work on the pipeline issue, and for modeling an ongoing commitment to life, health and community. Gratefully,

Joyce Minkler, Nerinx, Kentucky

You are a trusted figure in Nelson County because of the work you did in the New Haven area with the tire burning plant. Our farmers are confused and unsettled. I hope that you can come. I can’t tell you how many times in the past few weeks when I have given people the Bluegrass Pipeline Background Report, they respond “ah, FitzGerald. We’re in good hands.”

Mary Ann Chamberlain, Nelson County resident

Please continue the “good fight” on behalf of those who do not always have an advocate in the State Capitol.

Annette DuPont-Ewing, Director, Kentucky Municipal Utilities Association

Great, Fantastic, Generous, Helpful, Wonderful, Magnificent, etc.
Tom, you are positively great. We knew we could count on you. I could put fifty complimentary words here and it wouldn’t cover what you have done for us. Your expert knowledge of people and law is outstanding. Thanks.

Donna Ising, Bashford Manor Area Association President

Dear Fitz:

You are an indefatigable champion on behalf of the environment in this Commonwealth. Keep up the splendid work.

Maxine Gordon, Jefferson County, Kentucky

I wanted to thank you for all of the help you have provided to our family and the people that are against the Cell Tower. The tactics that they used to place the tower make me sad. It also disturbs me that the Joint Planning Commission would go along with denying our Constitutional Rights. Without your kindness as a human being and your skills as a lawyer we would have no chance against them; so again, I thank you.

Wesley Mimms, son of Winola Mimms, Madisonville, Kentucky

Congratulations! Your efforts [to stop the AT&T deregulation bill] were amazing. We’re very appreciative of your commitment to improving the lives of the citizens of Kentucky. KRC will most definitely become an organization I’ll personally be supporting.

It’s official. The AT&T bill is dead and I give you all of the credit! Thanks so much for all of your hard work. You are in rock star status in my book!

Carolyn Ridley, TW Telecom

We signed the agreement with the quarry yesterday afternoon. They told me I had the BEST lawyer in the state – coal companies hate you! Way to go! Thanks for all your help.

Lora Rhea, Bullitt County.

I want to thank you again for your wonderful talk before our students and faculty recently. Your presentation was thought-provoking and inspiring. Many students are still talking about it here.

Professor Bill Nixon, JD, Eastern Kentucky University

Thank you for the legislative advocacy workshop at our February 19 day at the Capitol. It was a wonderful addition to our day and you are such a wonderful partner, advocate, and friend to do it. I want you to know how admired you are within Kentucky Habitat for Humanity and around the Commonwealth for your work and passion on behalf of all Kentuckians. You are greatly valued, respected, and honored.

Mary Shearer, Executive Director, Kentucky Habitat for Humanity

We consider the protection of Kentucky’s natural resources to be of utmost importance. We applaud your efforts.. I have the utmost respect and admiration for individuals who have selflessly devoted their lives to the betterment of the common good. You would rank at the top of any list of such individuals.

John Wilborn, Trustee, Raymond and Irene Wilborn Charitable Foundation

It is imperative that KRC continue to provide legal counsel to those (like Dan and me) who have no chance of fair and just treatment.

Robin Higgins, Madison County

I want to thank you for your superb testimony yesterday. You were the linchpin in our arguments. It was my first time, and I have a steep learning curve right now working with the legislature.

Ted Withrow, KFTC member and retired Division of Water empoloyee.

God bless you and your staff for all your hard work on our behalf.

Mary Jane Hartlage, Louisville

Great, Fantastic, Generous, Helpful, Wonderful, Magnificent, etc. Tom, you are positively great. We knew we could count on you. I could put fifty complimentary words here and it wouldn’t cover what you have done for us. Your expert knowledge of people and law is outstanding. Thanks.

Donna Ising, Bashford Manor Area Association President

Thank you for all your help over the years.

Dora Mercer, Central City, Kentucky

Mr. Fitz and Staff: There are no words that can efficiently describe my gratitude for all that has been done for Dan and me – just as importantly, for ALL of those you have represented in the past, present, and future. I cannot imagine the hurt and despair we would have endured if it were not the for the voice and legal counsel of your office.

Robin and Dan Higgins, Madison County

Hope all is well with you. It’s an honor to support KRC and what you do.

David Bell, Battletown, Meade County

Tom, thank you so much for all you do and have done to help protect the forests and all of us. You’re an inspiration!

Lyn Akers, Kentucky Heartwood

Many, many thanks to Mr. Tom FitzGerald for his leadership in opposing the AT&T telecom deregulation bill. Mr. FitzGerald is the director of the Kentucky Resources Council, an environmental advocacy organization that offers legal and strategic assistance to individuals, community groups and local governments at no charge. Kentucky is blessed to have the Kentucky Resources Council and Mr. FitzGerald working on our behalf on issues such as this deregulation bill.

Cathy Allgood Murphy, Kentucky AARP Director

KRC has been so generous to the Metropolitan Housing Coalition in representing us. But – thanks to you – we have more coming in to help low-income people, the rate hike wasn’t as steep and a better environment is possible.

Cathy Hinko, Director, Metro Housing Coalition, Louisville, Kentucky

You are our champion spokesman and no one could ever do better or as much!

Winnie Hepler, Louisville Kentucky

The enclosed contribution from the Wolf Pen Preservation Association is made in honor of Tom FitzGerald – for the outstanding work he has done not only for our association but for all Kentuckians over the many years. Thanks again Tom and KRC for all you do.

Bob Bordogna, Treasurer

Tom, I am so proud of the work you and Becky do for all of us! Best to You!

Tom Payette, Louisville

Libby and I continue to be impressed and grateful for all you do! Best wishes for 2013!

Brereton and Libby Jones

Dear KRC: Your dedication to Kentucky’s environment and for its citizenry is unsurpassed. We are in awe of your many great works that benefit Kentuckians. Best wishes.

Floyds Fork Environmental Association, Louisville.

Enclosed is a contribution to the Kentucky Resources Council in support of the vital role played to protect and preserve God’s green earth. Your comments and expertise about the destructive environmental effects of the proposed auto auction were based on science and common sense[.]

Jim Kennedy, Louisville
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