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EJ/Pollution Prevention grant opportunity  Posted: March 28, 2001
If you know of any communities or community-based organizations that may be interested in creating pollution prevention (P2) projects within environmental justice (EJ) communities ---- here's an EJ/Pollution Prevention grant opportunity.

It is funded up to $75,000/project, and is due April 20, 2001. Preferences are given to applicants that are non-profit, community-based organizations or federally recognized tribal organizations (although local/state govt and academia may apply).

Below, see e-mail for brief description and web sites re: this grant.

Grant Application Guidance, application forms, etc. http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/ejp2/2001.htm

"Assessment of the EJ/P2 Grant Program" this report gives examples of previous grantees and the types of projects. http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/ejp2/EJP2_Assessment.pdf

[NOTE: Past examples cover a + wide range of activities, i.e., community involvement in enforcement SEPs; good neighbor dialogues (industry & communities); collaborative projects to reduce pollution; creating urban sustainable development model; etc.

The Environmental Justice Through Pollution Prevention 2001 Grant program was announced in the Federal Register on February 21st. Proposals are due on Friday, April 20, 2001. Funds to the Regions are limited this year, projects will be funded up to $75k per project.

This year, EPA will limit eligibility to projects involving:

1. Helping Small Businesses and Institutions Prevent Pollution in Communities. Projects in this category should involve forging voluntary partnership programs, demonstration projects, and/or general technical assistance and training.

2. Fostering Partnerships Between Industrial Facilities and Communities. Projects in this category should involve helping community residents forge relationships with large industrial facilities in their neighborhoods in an attempt to work with the facilities to make environmental improvements and address community concerns.

3. Demonstrating Agricultural Pollution Prevention. Projects in this category should involve providing tools to farm workers on best management practices that attempt to reduce pesticide use and worker exposure.

4. Improving Tribal Environments. Projects in this category should involve developing strategies that address environmental concerns and promote the development of tribal environmental legislation essential for pollution prevention.

This year, EPA will not fund projects primarily involving:

1. Educating Communities about Pollution Prevention. Projects in this category provided outreach materials and technical assistance on pollution prevention approaches through the medium of television broadcasts, brochures, and newsletters to affected communities.

2. Promoting Efficient Resource Use Within Communities. Projects in this category promoted energy efficiency, advocated alternatives modes of transportation, and launched the development of urban gardens.

3. Fostering Youth Education and Involvement. Projects in this category involved carrying out educational programs and developing curricula to help youth better comprehend environmental issues and develop their capacity to address environmental problems in their communities.

4. Projects from previous years that fit these various categories are described in more detail in EPA's publication on Promoting Environmental Justice through Pollution Prevention (EPA742K-00-001) and in EPA's Assessment of the Environmental Justice through Pollution Prevention grants program, available in Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf format on EPA's EJP2 Internet Home Page at: http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/ejp2. Copies of the Assessment are also available by calling (703) 841-0483.
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