Environmental Quality Commission Director Cole To Retire

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Environmental Quality Commission Director Cole To Retire  Posted: May 18, 2005
Statement On The Retirement of Leslie Cole as Executive Director of the Environmental Quality Commission

Leslie Cole has exemplified the role of a faithful public servant for her 20 years as Executive Director of the Environmental Quality Commission and her 26 years of service in and for state government. Under her thoughtful and patient tenure, EQC has played an invaluable role in illuminating and informing policy discussions concerning environmental health and quality matters. With her guidance and assistance, the EQC has produced educational materials of high quality for both the public and educators, created the first objective set of indicators of environmental health and quality, and has informed public discussion on emerging and current issues. The ride has been a bumpy one at times for both Leslie and the Commission, since the Commission has on occasion shone light into some decisions or projects that might have preferred less attention, provoking periodic efforts to defund or alter the Commission's mandate, yet she navigated the Commission through some difficult times without compromising its important mission. Throughout the process, she worked to develop consensus and momentum on environmental stewardship.

As we celebrate her years of dedicated service, we look towards the appointment of her successor with hope that the Fletcher Administration will recognize the importance of finding someone who is cut of the same cloth as Leslie - whose background is one of environmental sciences and public service and who will help assure that the EQC remains an independent advisory commission providing a public forum and sounding board, illuminating problems and possibilities and providing advice, even in those cases where the sounds may be cautionary calls to change or reform historic or current policies.
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