Excerpts from "Beyond Time"

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Excerpts from "Beyond Time"  Posted: August 10, 2007
Excerpts from "Beyond Time" by Gwen Frostic (1971 Presscraft Papers)

This Earth
With its great green trees
its infinite life
and boundless beauty
the only earth there?ll ever be

These waters
of deep springs
of rivers and lakes
drops of dew and clouds above
all the water there has ever been
all there will ever be

The air all around
that everything must breathe
over and over
forever and ever

Love this earth
love it as much as life itself
earth from which all life has come
earth to which all life returns

Love its waters
and keep them clean
water on which all life depends

Love clear air
care enough to keep it clear
clear enough to see the stars

And earth will remain beyond time.

* * * *

We stand now
where no man has stood before
at the brink of destruction
by our own hands.

* * * *

As individuals
we are not spectators
the fight is ours now.

Realize that man is part of a balance
that things do not exist for man alone
we must create a great change
in human direction

an understanding of the interdependency
by which the universe evolves

we cannot leave it to the scientists
nor any form of government

each individual must fuse a philosophy
with a plan of action
that will harmonize with nature

* * * *
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