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KRC - As Others See Us  Posted: December 27, 2012

KRC - as others see us

"Great, Fantastic, Generous, Helpful, Wonderful, Magnificent, etc.
Tom, you are positively great. We knew we could count on you. I could put fifty complimentary words here and it wouldn?t cover what you have done for us. Your expert knowledge of people and law is outstanding. Thanks."

Donna Ising, Bashford Manor Area Association President

"Thank you for all your help over the years."

Dora Mercer, Central City Kentucky

Mr. Fitz: There are no words that can appropr"iately express my appreciation – much to be said about the significance you have made in our lives as well as others I’m sure."

Robin Higgins, Madison County

"Hope all is well with you. It’s an honor to support KRC and what you do."

David Bell, Battletown, Meade County

"Tom, thank you so much for all you do and have done to help protect the forests and all of us. You’re an inspiration!"

Lyn Akers, Kentucky Heartwood

"Many, many thanks to Mr. Tom FitzGerald for his leadership in opposing the AT&T telecom deregulation bill. Mr. FitzGerald is the director of the Kentucky Resources Council, an environmental advocacy organization that offers legal and strategic assistance to individuals, community groups and local governments at no charge. Kentucky is blessed to have the Kentucky Resources Council and Mr. FitzGerald working on our behalf on issues such as this deregulation bill."

Cathy Allgood Murphy, Kentucky AARP Legislative Director

"KRC has been so generous to the Metropolitan Housing Coalition in representing us. But – thanks to you – we have more coming in to help low-income people, the rate hike wasn’t as steep and a better environment is possible."

Cathy Hinko, Director, Metro Housing Coalition, Louisville, Kentucky

"You are our champion spokesman and no one could ever do better or as much!"

Winnie Hepler, Louisville Kentucky

"I told my wife you and Morris Dees are the 2 most Kentuckians that I admire the most. Of course he is not a Kentuckian, but we went to Murray to hear him speak in the 1980s."

A KRC member

"Keep doing what you do. We’re all better off because of your efforts."

David Bell, Battletown, Kentucky

"I don’t think there is another 1 ½ person team in the world that accomplishes as much good as you do."

Barry Bingham, Jr. (deceased)

"Thank goodness you are only 50 and have the vitality, wisdom and knowledge to continue watching over the course of the future."

Mrs. W. L. Lyons Brown, Louisville, Kentucky (deceased)

"Once again I am so impressed with your calm voice of reason when speaking to the Air Pollution Control Board or a legislative committee. You definitely have a peaceful inner core that inspires me (and others no doubt) to try to overcome my cynicism and anger. Thanks for all you do, fitz, and kudos to your dedicated staff."

Kate Cunningham, Louisville, Kentucky

"What did people do before KRC existed?! I am so humbled by the enormity and importance of your accomplishments. Thank you for the help and support you have given me in the planning and development arena. I’m sure I’ll be knocking at your door again!"

Barbara Kelly, Prospect, Kentucky.

"Words cannot fully describe how thankful we are for your help. The second reading of Ordinance 2005-4 passed today."

Hopkins County Judge/Executive Patricia Hawkins

"Thanks again for all that you do for the voiceless and powerless ones here in Kentucky. . . You and KRC give me hope that there is still justice and truth available for Kentuckians. . . . As I've said before, KRC is Kentucky’s REAL Dept. for Environmental Protection."

An employee of the Department for Environmental Protection.

"I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to hear your thoughts on Kentucky resources. I particularly found compelling your talk of the day belonging to those who show up and your belief that individuals can make a difference. I hope that the students and others in attendance took your words to heart and are now more likely to be active on behalf of their preexisting sentiments."

Joseph Gershtenson, Director, Center for Kentucky History and Politics, EKU

"We want to thank the Kentucky Resources Council for all the help you gave us during the recent investigation of mining problems in our community . . . .The time came when we needed legal advice and Fitz became the person we trusted most. We didn’t have money for lawyer fees so Fitz came to our rescue. Fitz stood by us and never complained. … the mountain people of Kentucky have a voice and that voice is Tom FitzGerald. He is helping those who are not even aware of all his efforts. . . . We are honored to be able to say we were represented by the Kentucky Resources Council. We will never forget you Fitz."

Jimmy and Carolyn Miniard, Big Laurel, Kentucky

"Wow! Your recommendations to the Environmental Quality Commission on mining practices are so conclusive and urgently needed to slow this madness down before the coal companies have taken all of our mountain tops. Thank you for shining the light of truth and justice so bright – your work gives us hope."

Rosanne Fitts-Klarer

"I want you to know that as I left the Campbell Co. testing station this afternoon I looked up at the flags flying above our building and thought of you, and the fine work that you do. You stand as a true patriot in this fight; it was reassuring to me, as I gazed at the fluttering flags against the clearing afternoon skies, that there are people still like you in this world who stand for truth in the face of so many shameful falsehoods. Thank you."

A state employee

"Keep up the wonderful work you do. I like so many appreciate your unrelentless energy and efforts to protect this planet, or at the very least, our small part of it!"

Sheryl Bolling (deceased)

"Tom – you and your staff are the greatest Christmas gift ever in Kentucky’s stocking!!"

Mary Jane Hartlage, Louisville

"Thanks so much for your support and your encouragement. KRC is a wonderful friend to the West Point community."

Concerned Citizens United, Inc.

"Please know how blessed we were that you were so helpful in all of this….at the “nasty” meeting you were the only one who was able to speak calmly and people listened to you…I felt so strongly after that meeting that YOU were our only answer and that you could help us so much…and, you did…that you for MAKING the time.”

Susan Henderson, Belknap Neighborhood Association

"Fitz, words can never be enough to express my personal gratitude and speaking on behalf of the West County Task Force, for all the work you do on behalf Kentucky, humankind and us in particular. We could never show our appreciation to the degree of work that you do. If we had a bunch of money to give, it would not be enough. We love you and are very proud that you are indeed a part of us. You done good."

Arnita Gadson, West Co. Community Task Force

"The planner who spoke at our meeting brought up the change made for notice for Community Facilities – how more notice is now given than just to first tier neighbors – this was just one of the many ways you have made a difference. Thank you for your help."

Teena Halbig, Floyds Fork Environmental Association

"I wish to commend you on the work you have done especially as it relates to environmental concerns in Kentucky… I just want to tell you how much it means to know there are people out there who really care."

Trudy Laing, Frankfort

"We deeply appreciate all that you do. You have touched and improved so many lives. You are truly a “gift” from God."

Anne Howard and Donna Ising, Bashford Manor Area Association

“You were perfect – nailed both topics better than I could have asked for!"

Nancy Givens, Bowling Green Partnership for a Sustainable Community, regarding KRC’s presentations “Margaret Mead Was Right! A Conversation About Citizenship, Community, and Earth,” and at an open forum on “Kentucky’s Future In A Carbon-Constrained World.”

"We are still thankful that Tom and KRC helped us stop garbage incineration in Taylor County."

Ben Cox, DVM, Campbellsville

"Thanks for all your great work on behalf of Kentucky’s environment!"

Carolyn Embry, former Member, Jefferson County Air Pollution Control Board

"I appreciate all the hard work that the Council does for people who need support from oppressive companies and government. My hope is that this good work will produce results to save our precious resources and mountain land across the great Commonwealth of Kentucky!"

Sheryl Bolling, Eolia, Kentucky (deceased)

"Truly, Kentucky would be so much worse off if you weren’t there to do battle on our behalf. Thank you for being here to defend our threatened environment and citizens with your masterful grasp of those threats and of existing laws!"

Winnie Hepler, Louisville, Kentucky

"We rejoice in Kentucky because we have you to make out state a better place to live."

Mary Jane Hartlage, Louisville

"Thanks for helping out with our workshops at the Sierra Club’s Activist weekend and for delivering our after-dinner talk. I thought it was quite inspiring. You helped make the weekend special for everyone."

Ray Barry

"Thank you for staying in Kentucky, and representing the environmental needs so brilliantly."

Corinne Whitehead, Coalition for Health Concern, Benton Kentucky

"We very much appreciate the work you do. Please continue your work in saving Kentucky’s streams and rivers. We sure enjoy paddling them!"

Donna DePenning, Treasurer, Elkhorn Paddlers

"The reason I send you checks from time to time is for your representation of individuals being screwed by the system."

A Friend in Dixon, Kentucky

"Thanks for what you do for the regular folks!"

John Pohlman, former staff, Kentucky Rivers Coalition

"Thank you for all you do to make this world a better and safer one – you have accomplished so much!"

Corinne Whitehead

"Keep up the intense advocacy on behalf of all of Kentucky’s natural resources as you did in 2010. Great, caring job!"

Anne and Fred McMahon

"Thank you for the Herculean job you do."

Barbara Kelley

"Keep it up – we are proud of all that you do."

Brereton and Libby Jones

"Merry Christmas to you and to all who work with you. All Kentuckians owe you a debt and applause for all you do to protect us."

Mary Jane Hartlage

"Enclosed is a contribution to the Kentucky Resources Council in gratitude to Tom FitzGerald for his invaluable assistance in persuading the Louisville Water Company to relocate an elevated water tower from a neighborhood form district to a suburban workplace form district. This shift in location preserved a portion of scenic Kentucky with rolling hills and creeks and a heavy canopy of cedar trees… We are most appreciative of the efforts of the Kentucky Resources Council to protect our natural resources and quality of life."

Jim Kennedy, Louisville

"Your leadership, contribution and commitment to the neighborhood was really important when we needed it most this past year. Thank you for all you do to make both Belknap and the world a better place for a lot of people."

Chris Padgett, Belknap Neighborhood Association, Louisville

"The enclosed contribution from the Wolf Pen Preservation Association is made in honor of Tom FitzGerald – for the outstanding work he has done not only for our association but for all Kentuckians over the many years. Thanks again Tom and KRC for all you do."

Bob Bordogna, Treasurer

"Tom, I am so proud of the work you and Becky do for all of us! Best to You!"

Tom Payette, Louisville
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