KRC Director Appointed To Center For Renewable Energy Research

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KRC Director Appointed To Center For Renewable Energy Research  Posted: April 18, 2009
The Center for Renewable Energy Research and Environmentnal Stewardship, also known as the "Conn Center" after the generous private donor whose $20 million dollar endowment has helped to kick start the Center, will be housed at the University of Louisville. KRC is honored to be among a diverse group of Board members who bring to the Board talents and perspectives that will help position Kentucky among the leaders in transitioning to a new energy economy: Andy McDonald with APSI and the Kentucky Solar Energy Society, John Wright with the Owensboro Grain Company, Dr. Rick Clewett, retired Eastern Kentucky University College professor who is active in shaping energy policy for KFTC, Sierra Club and KRC, Cam Metcalf, the workhorse behind the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center and the KEEPS program, and others.

KRC appreciates the commitment of Dr. Jim Ramsey of U of L to make this the James Graham Brown Center for energy and environmental stewardship issues.
By Kentucky Resources Council on 04/18/2009 5:32 PM
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