KRC E-Mail Policy: No Attachments from KRC

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KRC E-Mail Policy: No Attachments from KRC  Posted: August 30, 2003
August 26, 2003

To: KRC Members

From: Tom FitzGerald


Here at the Council, we take your e-mail privacy seriously. We attempt to avoid spreading any computer viruses, and never send or forward frivolous messages.

Due to the recent concerns with virus attachments, KRC will NOT send any attached e-mails to our general mailing list. Instead, as issues or work of interest is generated by KRC, we will send you a message noting that the work has been posted (here) to our website,

If you receive any message from KRC that claims to have an attachment, or includes a questionable "subject," PLEASE let us know immediately in order that we may take steps to correct the problem.

Thank you.

Tom FitzGerald KRC


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