Looking Back At 2014: KRC As Others See Us

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Looking Back At 2014: KRC As Others See Us  Posted: December 6, 2014


Thanks so much for all of your work, Fitz. You make a huge difference in the lives of so many!

Joyce Minkler, Nerinx, Kentucky

Thank you so much or participating in The Women’s Network Issues Forum last Saturday. Your remarks added immeasurably to the program [on Kentucky’s Energy Future].

Donna Moore, The Women’s Network: Advocates for Democratic Principles

Thank you for your heartening words of wisdom last night. I know that every single one of the students was touched and inspired by what you had to say and by the work that you do. Your insightful and generous spirit is a model for the rest of us.

Ben Evans, Green Institute Graduation Ceremony, November 2014

Thanks for your great talk at the Green Institute. Glad my new young buddies at the Green Institute got to hear you speak. Prayers are certainly needed in changing hearts and minds.

Susan Stopher, Louisville, Kentucky

I’m looking out of my window and viewing the Muhlenberg County Landfill Abandoned Mine Land Project underway. Thanks again for your contribution and support in bringing this project to fruition after so many years of neglect.

Kenneth Galyn, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

On a personal note, I very much appreciate the work that you do through the Kentucky Resources Council and believe your influence has made our state a better place.

Julie Martinez, Lexington, Kentucky

I honestly believe that had it not been for you and the legal work you have done for us, we would still be fighting the pipeline. The lawsuit proved that they can’t come into Kentucky and take what they want. That in itself is the victory…When I think about this victory, even if it may be temporary, I know that you are the main player in it.

Cindy Foster, Scott County, Kentucky

Those of us who are near to the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline appreciate the service that you are performing for Kentucky and its citizens even if some of us don’t tell you often enough how much it is appreciated.

Kenneth, Bardstown, Kentucky

Like the lone student who stood in Tienamin Square against a column of tanks, 25 years ago, Fitz has been the environmentalist’s beleaguered outpost against hugely powerful lobbies by the coal, gas pipeline, and fracking industries in his state. He has truly “bloomed where he was planted” and his presence has made a significant impact on his Commonwealth.

Professor Jim O’Reilly, Cincinnati, Ohio

You are an unsung HERO and you need a choir!

Judy Rembacki, Georgetown, Kentucky

Thank YOU for everything you’ve done on behalf of myself and the other members of the Powell County Mountain Preservation Coalition.. in helping us defeat the proposed limestone quarry on Furnace Mountain in Powell County …Your advice, knowledge, guidance and actions were invaluable. Your knowledge of state law and regulations, the Kentucky Cave Protection Act, your letter to Mr. Tarter, joining in our monthly meetings via telephone and last, but certainly not least, hiring Dr. Ewers to map the Brandenburg Cave proved extremely useful in the state denial of the [Red River Materials LLC non-coal] permit application.

I have such gratitude for you and your life’s work, protecting the wonderful natural resources we have here in the Commonwealth. Your knowledge, dedication, demeanor and passion for your work has proven what a valuable resources you are for all Kentuckians. THANK you for your efforts throughout your career!

Ruth Billings, Mountain Preservation Coalition, Kentucky

Fitz, Deb and I read your Federal Energy Regulatory Commission comments [on the Bluegrass Pipeline] word for word and they brought joy to our hearts. What a powerful statement. They made our day. Thank you so much for all your hard work We are proud to be members of the KRC!

Bob and Deb Pekny, Woodford County, Kentucky

Great, Fantastic, Generous, Helpful, Wonderful, Magnificent, etc.
Tom, you are positively great. We knew we could count on you. I could put fifty complimentary words here and it wouldn’t cover what you have done for us. Your expert knowledge of people and law is outstanding. Thanks.

Donna Ising, Bashford Manor Area Association President

The folks as FWW are impressed with your work and view this victory [on the Bluegrass Pipeline] as an important part of the movement to stop fracking. We have told some of our folks in FL working on stopping a pipeline there and they are hopeful they can do it with your recent victory. Thank you for your work!

Renée Maas
Food & Water Watch

From all my family and myself, Thank you so much for all that you do! I truly appreciate your hard work. You are quite amazing! Great job, as always!

Sonya Unnoppet
By Kentucky Resources Council on 12/06/2014 5:32 PM
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