On the Passing Of A Dear And Gentle Friend

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On the Passing Of A Dear And Gentle Friend  Posted: March 29, 2008

Sheryl came to the Council seeking representation after a neighbor filed a petition to force a ?pooling” of her property’s natural gas interests with his. Pooling is a mechanism by which a party can force adjoining landowners to combine natural gas interests to allow production of gas from a well. Sheryl was concerned with the possible contamination or loss of her well water supply, and in the first of its’ kind, the Cabinet ordered pre- and post-drilling groundwater yield and quality testing as part of pooling order.

Sheryl, who lived in Letcher County, had the soul of a poet, and in her honor and memory, we share a few of her insights:


"I think the soul scatters at death…to all of those still living and lingers for awhile. It is my hope, after all is revealed, the energy of life is given up to the stars and life begins again."


"I watched the slight breeze today…moving the leaves on the treetops and the low-lying grasses. I listened intently to the birds, which are still singing as I write"

"Life is a gift, given for our enjoyment...let us not waste a minute!"


In her honor and memory, we pause to enjoy the breezes of spring before returning to the unfinished work of restoring reason and justice to environmental policy.

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