2015 General Assembly Regular Session: Bills We're Watching: 6th Edition!

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2015 General Assembly Regular Session: Bills We're Watching: 6th Edition!  Posted: March 6, 2015

2015 General Assembly Regular Session: Bills We're Watching: 6th Edition

This list profiles the environmental, conservation, consumer and general government bills that the Kentucky Resources Council will be tracking during the 2015 session, complete through end of legislative day March 4, 2015.

This year is a short session, and began on January 6, 2015, recessed until February 3, 2015, and is back in session with a scheduled adjournment of March 24, 2015. Due to the winter storm, the General Assembly will not meet on March 5 or 6, and will meet on March 9, 10, and 11. “Veto days” begin on the 12th, and the General Assembly will reconvene on March 23rd and adjourn sine die on the 24th.

Feel free to forward this to anyone you feel might be interested, and to utilize, reprint or quote from the bill analyses. We ask only that you attribute KRC as the source when you use our analytical material (so we can take all the blame for anything we’ve gotten wrong!)


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For a copy of any bill, visit the Legislature's 2015 Session page at http://www.lrc.ky.gov

To find your legislators email, go to http://www.lrc.ky.gov/whoswho/email.htm

The phone number to reach a legislator in person is 502-564-8100 (this is not toll-free).

The toll-free meeting schedule information line is 1-800-633-9650.

The toll-free message line is 1-800-372-7181, to leave a message for a legislator or an entire committee. The TTY message line is 1-800-896-0305. En Espanol, el nombre es 1-866-840-6574. The toll-free bill status number is 1-866-840-2835.

Please note that the Council does not have a position on each bill listed. Some bills are tracked for general interest; others simply to assure that they do not become vehicles for mischievous amendments. We have formatted this update to highlight in the first section, those bills on which KRC has taken a position. Where KRC has taken a position concerning a bill it is indicated with a plus (+) or minus (-). The primary sponsor and current status of the bill are also noted by Committee or chamber.

Committee Key:

H. State Govt = House State Government Committee
H. Ed = House Education Committee
H. Tourism Dev Energy= House Tourism, Development, and Energy Committee
H. Elections= House Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee
H. Veterans= House Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee
H. Judiciary = House Judiciary Committee
H. A&R = House Appropriations and Revenue Committee
H. Eco. Dev. = House Economic Development Committee
H. Ag Sm Bus = House Agriculture and Small Business Committee
H. Local Govt = House Local Government Committee
H. Trans = House Transportation Committee
H. H&W = House Health and Welfare Committee
H. L&O = House Licensing and Occupations Committee
H. NR Env = House Natural Resources and Environment Committee
H. B&I = House Banking and Insurance Committee
H L&I = House Labor and Industry Committee

S. State Local Govt = Senate State and Local Government Committee
S. NR Energy = Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee
S. Ag = Senate Agriculture Committee
S. Judiciary = Senate Judiciary Committee
S. Eco Dev = Senate Economic Development, Tourism and Labor Committee
S. Ed = Senate Education Committee
S. H&W = Senate Health and Welfare Committee
S. LO = Senate Licensing, Occupations and Administrative Regulations Committee
S. Veterans = Senate Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection Committee

Bills And Resolutions On Which KRC Has Taken A Position

HB 84 (Watkins)(H. Tourism Dev Energy)(-)

Would lift state prohibition on nuclear plant construction to allow construction of a nuclear power facility on a site previously used for the manufacture of nuclear products (i.e. Paducah). Would create a “special legislation” exemption for Paducah, without requiring that a disposal or a storage strategy be in place for management of spent nuclear materials.

HB 93 (Kay)(H. Rules, with House Committee Sub)(+)

Would create state endangered and threatened plant species list and allow regulation of sale and taking of such species.

HB 100 (Kay)(S. Rules)(consent)(+)

Would allow local governments to establish energy project assessment district (EPAD) programs in order to advance the efficient use of energy and water resources by allowing for energy projects to be financed by assessments imposed on only those commercial or industrial properties participating in a program.

HB 103 (Floyd)(H. Judiciary)(+/-)(Needs Work)

Bill seeks to exclude natural gas liquids pipelines from condemnation power under state law, but inadvertently weakens current standard that condemnation be for in “public service” by substituting “public use.” KRC will work with sponsor to retain current language excluding non-utility condemnations for pipelines.

HB 119 (Wuchner and Fischer)(H. State Govt)(posting waived)(-)

Would delay the effective date of ordinary administrative regulations with a major economic impact until the effective date of legislation ratifying the administrative regulation. Effect of statute could be loss of delegated status for air quality and other regulatory programs, as well as delegated federal benefit programs where changes to federal regulations must be adopted by state in order to retain authority to implement those programs.

HB 131 (Wayne and others)(H. NR Env)(+)

So-called “streamsaver bill” would amend surface coal mining laws to require on-bench disposal of excess spoil where feasible and to require valley fills to be constructed above rather than in waters of the commonwealth.

HB 145 (Westrom)(S. Veterans)(+)

Would enact a statewide smoking ban for public places and businesses.

HB 152 (Rand and others)(To Governor)(-)

AT&T’s effort to complete deregulation of telephone services, and to end the obligation to provide basic, reliable, stand-alone telephone service to all customers. This year’s version of the AT&T bill is the same as House Committee Sub to SB 99 from last session, and would end the obligation to offer basic local exchange phone service for exchanges with 15,000 or more housing units, and for all other exchanges, would allow AT&T, Windstream, and Cincinnati Bell to substitute internet protocol or less functional and reliable wireless service in some situations. Would end PSC jurisdiction over consumer cellphone and broadband complaints.

HB 229 (Marzian)(H. Tourism Dev Energy)(posted)(+)

Would create renewable energy and energy-efficiency portfolios requiring incremental growth in renewably-generated electricity and energy efficiency measures by PSC-regulated electric utilities.

HB 240 (Sinnette)(To Senate)(-)

Would amend current zoning laws to impose requirements for filing a supersedeas bond for appeals of Circuit Court decisions before the case is transferred to the Kentucky Court of Appeals. This would have a chilling effect on meritorious appeals by citizens and neighborhood associations.

HB 272 (Floyd)(H. Tourism Dev Energy)(+)

Would create fund based on assessments on petroleum pipelines, to fund local emergency response preparedness, and would impose a requirement for spill response plans for all pipelines transporting petroleum and petroleum products under pressure.

HB 319 (Meade)(H. State Gov)(-)

Would delay the effective date of ordinary administrative regulations with a major economic impact until the effective date of legislation ratifying the administrative regulation.

HB 349 (Adkins)(H. A&R)(+)

Would extend current energy efficiency tax credits to taxable periods beginning before January 1, 2023.

HB 368 (Marzian, Bell, Wayne)(H. Judiciary)(+)

Would extend applicability of Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act statewide.

HB 372 (Jenkins)(H NR Env)(+)

Would amend state special waste laws to create a setback from residential property lines for the deposition of special wastes in a special waste landfill and for the operation of the special waste landfill unless setback waived by property owner.

HB 386 (Adkins)(S. NR Energy)(+)

Comprehensive reform of state oil and gas laws would extend requirements of reclamation plans to all oil and gas operations, and provide other landowner protections. Consensus product of oil and gas workgroup.

HB 417 (Gooch)(S. A&R)(+)

Would extend the levy of the hazardous waste management assessment until June 30, 2024.

HB 470 (Greer and Kerr)(-)

Withdrawn. Would have made Kentucky a non-judicial foreclosure state, removing many protections for homeowners, including failing to allow for loss mitigation and loan modification efforts, shifting evidentiary burdens from the lender to the homeowner, and eliminating the homeowner’s right of redemption. Congratulations to the Anne Marie Regan and the Kentucky Equal Justice Center for their fine work on educating the press and legislators on this bill.

HCR 56 (Combs and others)(S. NR Energy)(+)

Concurrent resolution would direct LRC to create a Timber Theft and Trespass Reduction Task Force; provide that the purpose of the task force is to study issues regarding timber theft and trespass and to develop consensus recommendations to address those issues.

HR 106 (Flood)(+)

Resolution commending Energy and Environment Cabinet for suspending program awarding grants for use of crumb rubber for playgrounds and playing fields, and encouraging voluntary study of the health effect associated with using waste tires for downstream recycled products.

HJR 124 (Marzian)(H. NR Env)(+)

Would direct the Energy and Environment Cabinet to impose a moratorium on grants issued under the waste tire program that was established to promote the use of the materials due to recycled tires potential threat to the health and human safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

HCR 171 (Couch and many others)(H. Tourism Dev Energy)(-)

A concurrent resolution to require the United States Environmental Protection Agency to appear before a congressional committee before a rule or regulation is approved.

HR 211 (Imes and others)(+)

Simple resolution would urge the United States Forest Service to bring a temporary halt to all logging operations at Land Between the Lakes until a thorough review of the pre-European landscape restoration plan can be completed.

SB 2 (Bowen and others)(H. Elections)(-)

Proposed constitutional amendment would allow General Assembly to delegate to a committee the power to stop implementation of a regulation found to be “deficient.” Would alter the current separation of powers in the Kentucky Constitution in order to address an extremely small number of regulations to which the legislative committees have objected during last 14 years.

SB 57 (Webb)(S. State Local Gov)(-)

Would place a constitutional amendment on the ballot creating a “right to farm” prohibiting the General Assembly from passing a law that “unreasonably abridges the right” to engage in the practice of farming, which is defined broadly enough to include factory farms raising livestock under industrial conditions. Could be read to prohibit all local ordinances, whether zoning, nuisance, health or otherwise, addressing problems from such operations. Could also limit future regulation of wastes and wastewaters, and odors from CAFO operations.

SB 80 (Harris)(S. A&R)(+)

Would extend collection of fee under Hazardous Waste Assessment Fund from 2016 to 2024.

SB 90 (D. Carroll)(To House)(-)

Would end current nuclear power plant moratorium and allow new nuclear plant siting as long as the facility had a storage (rather than a disposal) plan for wastes.

SB 92 (Bowen)(H. NR Env)(posting waived)(+)

Would strengthen current law on timber harvesting operations to require loggers or operators who have received bad actor designations to provide prior notice to the division before engaging in any timber harvesting operations until they have paid all civil penalties and performed all required site remediation; require the cabinet to promulgate administrative regulations setting forth the form and manner of the prior notice; beginning on January 1, 2016, require the cabinet to issue an emergency order requiring any third-time bad actor to cease all timber harvesting operations until all required site remediation has been performed and all civil penalties have been paid or a repayment plan has been established and maintained; specify that all bad actor designations, including those issued prior to the effective date of the Act, be included in determining the applicability of KRS 149.344 to a logger or operator; amend KRS 149.346 to require the cabinet to serve notice to a logger or operator of evidence of a violation of the reporting requirements and provide for an administrative hearing to answer the charges; amend KRS 149.348 to establish penalties for violation of the reporting requirements; provide that directors, officers, and agents of operators or loggers doing business as certain business organizations shall be personally liable for the civil penalties incurred by the operators or loggers.

SB 106 (Hornback and others)(H. Trans)(-)

Would allow commercial trucks hauling certain meats, agricultural crop products, livestock, poultry or poultry items to exceed the gross weight provisions by a weight tolerance of 10% without being a violation. Broadens exemption currently limited to farmer trucks, to factory farm operations raising livestock and poultry. Certainly, the corporate integrators who ship factory-raised poultry can invest in portable scales in order to stay within weight limits.

SB 113 (Carroll and Parrett)(S. NR Energy)(+)(Needs Work)

Bill seeks to exclude natural gas liquids pipelines from condemnation power under state law, but inadvertently weakens current standard that condemnation be for in “public service” by substituting “public use.” KRC will work with sponsor to retain current language excluding non-utility condemnations for pipelines.

SB 180 (Webb)(S. NR Energy)(+)

Create new sections to prescribe requirements for the transportation of municipal solid waste so as to prevent leaks, emissions, and access to the wastes by pests; prohibit a transfer station or waste disposal facility from receiving wastes not transported in compliance with the no-leak provisions; require the Energy and Environment Cabinet to study wastes containing hydrogen sulfides to limit and control odors and emissions from landfills.

SB 186 (Carroll)(H. NR Env)(posting waived)(+)

Comprehensive reform of state oil and gas laws would extend requirements of reclamation plans to all oil and gas operations, and provide other landowner protections. Consensus product of oil and gas workgroup.

SB 189 (Adams, McGarvey)(S. Veterans)(+)

Would implement a statewide smoking ban for public places and businesses.

SB 196 (McGarvey) (S. NR Energy)(+/-)(Needs work)

Would amend state net metering law to include rental and leasing arrangements in the definition of "eligible customer-generator" and increase the allowable size of eligible electric generating facilities from 30 kilowatts to 1000 kilowatts.

SB 203 (Schickel)(S. NR Energy)(-)

Would amend state law to require that 25% of in-lieu fees contributed to the Kentucky Wetland and Stream Mitigation Fund be allocated solely for use on infrastructure projects. While such projects can be approved by the Corps of Engineers as part of a larger project, such a mandate could adversely affect expenditure of in-lieu monies since the Corps will not likely approve a stand-alone infrastructure project as mitigation under the Section 404 program.

House Bills

HB 1 (Stumbo and others)(S. State Local Gov)

Would propose constitutional amendment allowing each community to adopt a local sales and use tax to fund local projects.

HB 2 (Stumbo)(S. A&R)

Would raise the state minimum wage incrementally to $10.10 in 2017.

HB 3 (Stumbo)(H.H&W)(Posted)

Would legalize and regulate medical cannabis.

HB 11 (Flood)(S. Veterans)

Would create “public benefit corporations” whose purposes could include public as well as shareholder benefit.

HB 12 (St. Onge) (H. Judiciary)

Would prohibit law enforcement agencies from using drones in most cases.

HB 23 (Steele)(H. A&R)(posted)

Would distribute 100% of coal severance revenues among the coal producing counties on the basis of the tax collected on coal severed or processed in each respective county.

HB 26 (Hoover)(H. Elections)

Would amend constitution to provide for automatic restoration of voting rights under certain conditions. One of several bills on restoration of voting rights.

HB 28 (King)(H. A&R)(posting waived)

Would require roll call votes on any appropriation or revenue-raising measure voted upon in the Senate or House or a committee thereof.

HB 29 (King)(H. Judiciary)

Would establish legislative intent that the rights of an individual afforded under the Constitutions of the Commonwealth and the United States take precedence over the application of any foreign law in any judicial or quasi-judicial proceeding; define specific terms; strictly construe waivers of constitutional rights.

HB 31 (King)(H. Elections)

Constitutional amendment would prohibit members of the General Assembly from receiving legislative pay for a special session that has been called by the Governor because the General Assembly adjourned without passing a state budget.

HB 33 (Kerr)(H. Education)

Would prohibit implementation of language arts and mathematics academic content standards developed by the Common Core Standards Initiative and the science academic content standards developed by the Next Generation Science Standards Initiative.

HB 45 (Stone)(H. A&R)

Would transfer a portion of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in-lieu-of-tax payment to the regional development agency assistance fund to be distributed among fiscal court-designated local industrial development authorities for economic development and job creation activities.

HB 46 (Imes)(H. Elections)

Constitutional amendment would hold the elections of statewide constitutional officers in even-numbered years, every four years, beginning in 2022.

HB 48 (Wayne)(H. A&R)

Would create a refundable income tax credit for the costs of mitigating noise from a commercial airport.

HB 56 (Crimm)(H. Judiciary)

Would forfeit ownership of animals involved in cruelty and torture cases and prohibit ownership or possession of animals of the same species for two years.

HB 63 (Wayne)(H. Rules)

Would establish fund and rules for public financing of judicial campaigns.

HB 70 (Owens)(S. State Local Gov)

Constitutional amendment to restructure the voting restrictions contained therein relating to felons and persons with mental disabilities.

HB 82 (Floyd)(H. Judiciary)

Would abolish the death penalty and replace it with life imprisonment without parole.

HB 96 (Meeks)(H. Local Govt)

Would amend minimum wage laws to include anti-preemption language permitting local governments to establish minimum wage laws in excess of the state minimum wage.

HB 118 (Keene)(H. A&R)

Would make changes in tax credits available for rehabilitation of certified historic structures.

HB 125 (Tilley)(H. Ag Sm Bus)

Would amend the beekeeping fund law to allow monies to be spent to help improve commerce of products derived from beekeeping.

HB 130 (Short and others)(H. A&R)(Under Review)

Would amend current law concerning unmined minerals tax.

HB 154 (Stumbo, Jenkins)(H. Rules)

Amend existing law to include the owning, possessing, keeping, breeding, training, selling, or transferring of four-legged animals for fighting purposes within the offense of cruelty to animals in the first degree.

HB 155 (Meredith and others)(H. A&R)

Amend KRS 139.480 to exempt bees used in a commercial enterprise for the production of honey or wax for sale and certain items used in that pursuit. Has some language relating to tax exemptions for sugar and high fructose syrup that needs narrowing.

HB 166 (DeCesare, M. King)(H. Transp)

Would make overweight permits for the transportation of steel products or materials, available to aluminum products or materials.

HB 176 (Jenkins)(H. Transp)

Would include wearing of helmets for youth under age 16 as part of state bicycle standards of the Transportation Cabinet.

HB 184 (Mayfield)(H. Judiciary)

Would prohibit price gouging in regard to retail sales of gasoline and diesel motor vehicle fuel.

HB 190 (Koenig)(H. Local Govt)(posted)

Would amend current law to allow local governments to collect 911 fees from telematics service connections, CMRS service connections, and VoIP service connections.

HB 192 (Koenig)(H. Local Govt)

Would allow for optional and voluntary consolidation of counties and create preference points in certain community grant programs for such counties.

HB 196 (Yonts)(S. L&O)

Would add a representative of the Kentucky Ready Mixed Concrete Association to the High-Performance Buildings Advisory Committee.

HB 208 (St. Onge and others)(H. Rules)

Would amend law regarding appointment of local airport boards.

HB 210 (Stewart)(H. Trans)

Would amend current law regarding overweight permits to require drill rigs to be treated the same as self-propelled truck cranes in administrative regulations.

HB 212 (Owens)(S. Rules)

Would allow voters who on account of age, disability, or illness are not able to appear at the polls on election day to cast an absentee ballot on those days in-person absentee voting is conducted in the county clerk's office or other designated place.

HB 214 (Owens)(S. State Local Gov)

Would require the State Board of Elections to establish an electronic voter registration system.

HB 215 (Santoro)(H. Rules)

Would amend current law to reduce the number of members on the independent district boards of health, remove proportional representation of certain professions, and amend to population requirements for appointments.

HB 219 (Jenkins)(S. State Local Gov)

Would amend current laws on land bank authorities.

HB 262 (Kay and others)(S. State Local Gov)

Would establish rules for hiring, promotion, personnel policies, and discipline for LRC nonpartisan staff.

HB 263 (Overly and Jenkins)(H. Trans)

Would increase current requirement for use of child booster seats to children under 57 pounds and nine years of age or younger.

HB 271 (M. King and DeCesare)(H. Trans)

Would expand current permitting system allowing overweight haulage of steel to include aluminum products or materials.

HB 273 (Schamore and Keene)(H. A&R)

Would create a state tax credit for rehabilitation of abandoned buildings.

HB 276 (McKee, Horlander)(S. Rules)(Consent)

Would extend from 20 to 30 years the amortization period for loans from the federally-assisted revolving wastewater fund.

HB 280 (Fischer)(H. Judiciary)

Would amend eminent domain laws to require that the person whose property is condemned be allowed access to the service for which the property is condemned at the same rate as the public is charged.

HB 290 (Gooch)(H. Tourism Dev Energy)(posted)

Would establish conditions under which municipal electric utilities can enter into agreements to create a municipal electric authority.

HB 302 (Riggs)(To Senate)

Would establish program for certification of roofing contractors.

HB 315 (Riggs)(S. Transp)

Would require booster seats to be used by children who are less than nine years old and are between 40 and 57 inches in height.

HB 324 (Sinnette)(H. Tourism Dev Energy)

Would require the Public Service Commission to promulgate administrative regulations to establish additional utility service shut-off and reconnection protections including providing that if a customer certifies to the utility that a financial hardship exists, the customer is protected from termination of service if a resident has a serious illness, an infant under 12 months of age is domiciled at the residence, it is between November 1 and March 31 and termination of utility service would result in the customer's heating service to cease operating, or all adults domiciled at the residence are 65 years of age or older and a minor under the age of 18 years resides at the residence.

HB 325 (Sinnette)(H. Tourism Dev Energy)(posted)

Would allow cities to deny utility franchisees the ability to recover from ratepayers the franchise fee by adding a fee or surcharge to the bill, and prohibit the Public Service Commission from allowing recovery in a rate case.

HB 334 (Owens)(H. Elections)

Would require the State Board of Elections to establish an electronic voter registration system.

HB 338 (Steele and Miles)(H. A&R)

Would limit liability for unmined minerals tax to years where minerals were under permit and anticipated to be mined during that taxable year.

HB 351 (Bechler and others)(H. NR Env)

Would prohibit officers, members, or employees of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and the Commission from selling roe-bearing fish or their products that have been procured by the department or commission; and would prohibit officers, members, or employees of the department or commission from engaging in any commercial activity that the department is authorized to regulate.

HB 379 (Marzian)(H. Judiciary)

Would amend civil rights laws to prohibit discrimination because of sexual orientation and gender identity.

HB 385 (Sinnette)(H. Veterans)

Would establish standards for marina and boat dock owners and operators to prevent electrical shocks to persons in boats, in water, and on docks around the marinas.

HB 416 (Riggs)(H. A&R)

Would a current law to create a separate tax incentive tier for industries that invest a minimum of $100,000, applicable only to energy efficiency investments for small and medium sized industries previously ineligible.

HB 418 (M. King)(H. A&R)

Would amend current law to allow local governments to collect 911 fees from telematics service connections, CMRS service connections, and VoIP service connections.

HB 426 (Westrom)(H. Local Govt)

Bill would reform and standardize practices among area development districts.

HB 430 (Riner)(H. H&W)(posted)

Would prohibit manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers from manufacturing, selling, or distributing food or beverage containers for children under the age of 3 that contain bisphenol A (BPA).

HB 437 (Harris)(H. State Govt)

Would exclude entities contracting with public utilities from the exception to the definition of "public agency" that includes any body that derives at least 25% of its funds from state or local authority funds.

HB 443 (Combs and others)(To Senate)

Would allow public-private partnerships.

HB 462 (Riggs)(H. H&W)

Would require licensed child-care centers to be tested for radon at least once every five years as part of their initial licensure and license renewal, and require posting of test report.

HB 471 (Miller)(H. Local Govt)(posted)

Would include subpoena power in urban-county and consolidated local government ethics codes.

HB 472 (D. Butler)(H. State Govt)(posted)

Would require the Finance and Administration Cabinet to develop a sustainability program for state shipping procurement in consultation with the Department for Environmental Protection; require state shipping providers to make an energy use report to the Finance and Administration Cabinet by January 1st of each year; require shipping procurements by state agencies to include consideration of sustainability measures; and require the Finance and Administration Cabinet to promulgate administrative regulations to specify how state agencies shall give appropriate weight to these sustainability requirements.

HB 490 (Heath, Imes, G. Watkins)(H. Judiciary)

Would add the National Wildlife System to the list of federal lands over which the state would have concurrent authority to enforce criminal laws.

HB 523 (Kay)(H. A&R)

Would allow tax credit for conservation easements.

HB 543 (Gooch)(S. Rules)(Consent)

Would eliminate 1988 exemption for Henderson County, Kentucky strip mining permit ordinance from state preemption of local control over strip mining. Does not affect the ability of counties with planning and zoning, including Henderson County, from regulating compatibility and location issues with surface coal mining.

HB 544 (Gooch)(H. NR Env)

A placeholder bill, it would make KRS 351.193, which addresses mine safety, gender neutral.

HB 548 (Benvenuti)(H. State Govt)

Would prohibit the General Assembly from exempting itself or any state agency from laws applicable to the public and businesses in Kentucky.

House Resolutions

HR 1 (Stumbo)(adopted)o

Establishes rules for the House during the 2015 Regular Session.

HJR 19 (Meeks)(H. Rules)

Resolution urging Congress to authorize and fund construction of a national museum recognizing atrocities committed against Native Americans.

HCR 68 (Marzian)(H. Rules)

Concurrent resolution would urge Congress to propose an amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America to establish reasonable limits on contributions and expenditures in political campaigns and to prohibit noncitizen contributions and expenditures.

HJR 76 (Rader and others)(S. State Local Gov)

Joint resolution would commend the Southeastern Kentucky Shawnee for their efforts to help their elderly and youth and to recognize their work to preserve their native language and heritage, which does not include gambling and casinos.

HCR 86 (Short, Combs)(S. Eco Dev)

Would direct the staff of the Legislative Research Commission to study the economic impact of adventure tourism in Harlan, Knott, Letcher, and Magoffin Counties.

HJR 95 (DeCesare and others)(H. Elections)

Would ask Congress to call for a constitutional convention of the states limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress.

HJR 134 (Thompson)(S. Veterans)

Would direct the Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction to study the issue of statewide enforcement of the entire Building Code.

HCR 168 (Gooch)(S. Rules)(Consent)

Would create a task force to review the potential impact of federal regulations on affordability and reliability of electricity. Membership was weighed towards industry and has no public interest representation. At KRC’s request, two new representatives were added, one for AARP, and the other for the Community Action Council of Kentucky.

HR 178 (Pullin, Rudy, Watkins)

Designating October 30, 2015 as a day of remembrance for Kentucky nuclear program workers.

Senate Bills

SB 11 (Thomas)(S. State Local Gov)

Would require witnesses appearing before a committee to take an oath prior to giving testimony.

SB 15 (Neal)(S. Judiciary)

Would abolish the death penalty and replace it with life imprisonment without parole for inmates presently sentenced to death.

SB 17 (Neal)(S. State Local Gov)

Constitutional amendment would restore voting rights to persons convicted of a felony, other than felonies designated by the General Assembly, under certain conditions.

SB 24 (Schickel)(S. NR Energy)

Would exempt from sport fishing license, the taking of fish from private waters on lands owned by a person or family.

SB 26 (Buford)(S. State Local Gov)

Constitutional amendment would restore the right to vote to persons convicted of a felony after service of their sentence, expiration of probation, or final discharge from parole, unless the offense was treason, intentional murder, rape, sodomy, sexual abuse of a child, bribery in an election, or another crime specified by the General Assembly.

SB 27 (Robinson)(H. Elections)

Constitutional amendment to clarify standards relating to redistricting and to require the General Assembly to remain in continuous session, without pay to the members, for the sole purpose of redistricting if the General Assembly fails to redistrict the state by April 15 of the first even-numbered year session following receipt of the decennial census data.

SB 38 (Webb)(S. NR Energy)

Would prohibit the use of drones to disrupt lawful hunting, trapping, or fishing.

SB 40 (Clark)(S. Licensing)

Would allow and regulate medical marijuana.

SB 43 (Higdon)(S. Veterans)

Would create a new section of KRS Chapter 411 to provide civil immunity for damaging a vehicle to a person who enters a vehicle with the good faith belief that a minor is in imminent danger of harm if not removed from the vehicle.

SB 55 (Webb)(To Governor)

Would amend existing law concerning donation of game meat to and from non-profit organizations.

SB 70 (Neal)(S. State Local Gov)

Constitutional amendment would allow persons convicted of a felony other than treason, intentional killing, a sex crime, or bribery the right to vote after expiration of probation, final discharge from parole, or maximum expiration of sentence.

SB 79 (Clark)(S. State Local Gov)

Would make the possession of two ounces of marijuana or less a violation punishable by a maximum fine of $75; and make cultivation of five marijuana plants or less a Class B misdemeanor.

SB 91 (D. Carroll)(S. Rules)(Consent)

Would require members appointed to city utility commissions and municipal utility boards to be customers of the utility.

SB 93 (McDaniel)(H. Elections)

Proposed constitutional amendment would after 2019, hold all statewide constitutional officer elections on even-numbered years beginning in 2024.

SB 97 (Jones)(S. Veterans)

Would increase current requirement for use of child booster seats to children under 57 pounds and nine years of age.

SB 122 (Parrett)(S. State Local Gov)

Would create a Committee composed of university faculty to draft redistricting plans for state and congressional districts and restrict legislative involvement to acceptance or rejection of such plans.

SB 141 (Adams)(S. Licensing)

Would establish program for certification of roofing contractors.

SB 146 (Webb)(S. State Local Gov)

Would prohibit any unit of local government from having local knife control ordinances.

SB 154 (Seum)(S. Nat Res Energy)

Would prohibit officers, members, or employees of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and the Commission from selling roe-bearing fish or their products that have been procured by the department or commission; and would prohibit officers, members, or employees of the department or commission from engaging in any commercial activity that the department is authorized to regulate.

SB 155 (McGarvey)(S. State Local Gov)

Would create a new section of KRS Chapter 100 to allow a planning unit to incorporate airport noise overlay districts within its zoning texts and maps.

SB 156 (McGarvey and others)(S. Judiciary)

Would amend state law to extend protection against discrimination to sexual orientation and gender identity.

SB 165 (Givens)(S. NR Energy)

A placeholder bill that makes KRS 351.193 gender neutral.

SB 178 (Westerfield)(S. Judiciary)

Amend various sections of the Kentucky Revised Statutes relating to Franklin Circuit Court to modify standards for venue and jurisdiction in actions and give concurrent jurisdiction to other Circuit Courts in the Commonwealth.

SB 179 (Neal)(S. Judiciary)

Create new sections of KRS Chapter 431 to allow a felony record to be expunged under specified circumstances.

SR 186 (Jones and others)

Simple resolution encouraging the United States Department of Energy to establish a 10 in 10 program of building coal fired power plants in 10 years.

SR 187 (Jones and others)

Simple resolution encouraging Kentucky Congressional Delegation to support and sponsor measures to use the federal portion of coal royalties on federal coal leases for demonstration projects and funding for carbon control and sequestration technologies.

SB 202 (Higdon)(S. Veterans)

Would amend collection process for support of 911 services to assure that service charges are paid for prepaid connections.

SB 208 (Stivers)(S. State Local Govt)

Would limit the authority of delegates from Kentucky to a federal Constitutional Convention.

Senate Resolutions

SR 2 (Adopted)

Rules of Procedure for the Senate for the 2015 Regular Session.

SCR 11 (Neal)(S. Judiciary)

Would establish a task force to study the costs of administering the death penalty in Kentucky.

SCR 131 (Stivers)(S. State Local Govt)

Resolution urging Congress to consider a constitutional amendment providing that if ¼ of the House or Senate sends a message proposing a federal regulation, a majority vote of the House and Senate is required to adopt the regulation.

SJR 132 (Stivers)(S. State Local Govt)

Would petition Congress to call for a Constitutional Convention for the purpose of adopting a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
By Kentucky Resources Council on 03/06/2015 5:32 PM
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