Action Alert #2: Please Call To Stop Billboard Bill

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Alert #2: Please Call To Stop Billboard Bill  Posted: March 13, 2004
Senate Bill 114 overrides state regulation and allows multiple message electronic boards to replace existing billboards on Kentucky's highways.

Current state Transportation Cabinet regulation prohibits moving billboards: "The erection or existence of an advertising device shall not be permitted in a protected area of an interstate or parkway highway if it . . . moves or has animated or moving parts." With these words, existing state Transportation Cabinet regulation prohibits "tri-vision billboards", also known as multiple message boards, that have three separate sign faces and can be programmed to rotate every few seconds. Click here to learn more about SB 114.

PLEASE take a minute to contact the members of House Leadership and ask that they oppose SB 114.

Send call 1-800-372-7181 to leave a message, or send a fax to 502-564-6543 addressed to Representatives Rocky Adkins, Joe Barrows, Larry Clark, Jody Richards, Jim Callahan, Jeff Hoover, Bob DeWeese, and Ken Upchurch. Ask them to oppose SB 114, which allows multiple message billboards and also allows destruction of public trees that obscure billboard visibility. The e-mails for these state representatives are their name, separated by a . and followed by For example,

WHY ARE MULTIPLE MESSAGE BILLBOARDS A CONCERN? Multiple message billboards are designed to attract driver's vision, and are much more effective in distracting drivers from the road, thus posing a greater traffic hazard. Multiple message boards also tend to be more brightly and persistently lit, increasing the contribution to light pollution.

The Senate approved SB 114 this week by a 30-7 vote. Yet, according to one Senator, many voted under the mistaken belief that multiple message boards were already legal and that the bill was simply putting it in statute. In the Senate Transportation Committee, Committee members were largely not aware and were not informed about the dramatic change SB 114 made to existing law on multiple message boards.

By Kentucky Resources Council on 03/13/2004 5:32 PM
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