Click Here to See All The Committee Assignments, and to Learn How to Fax, Call, or Email Your Legislator

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Click Here to See All The Committee Assignments, and to Learn How to Fax, Call, or Email Your Legislator  Posted: March 7, 2002


To Contact Legislators by Fax: Send a single fax to 502-564-6543.

Compose or cut and paste your message into your wordprocessor, then select your fax-printer. If you don't have a fax-capable computer, print it out and use a standard fax machine.

You can send a copy to each of many legislators by listing their individual names on a cover sheet and asking that each get a copy of your letter. Cut and paste the legislator's names from the lists below. The good folks at the LRC fax room will copy your fax and distribute it to all that you list (the recipients must be listed by name.)

To Contact Legislators by Phone

The toll-free line is 1-800-372-7181 to leave a message for a legislator or a committee.

To Contact Legislators by Email

Click here to locate and email legislators.

The LRC Website Bill List

To get a copy of a bill click here.




Kentucky Senate 2002 Committee Assignments


Agriculture and Natural Resources

Ernie Harris (R), chair Joey Pendleton (D) Ernesto Scorsone (D) Vernie McGaha (R) Elizabeth Tori (R) Virgil Moore (R) Paul Herron, Jr. (D) Bob Leeper (R) Dan Kelly (R) Tim Shaughnessy (D) Ed Worley (D)

Appropriations and Revenue

Richie Sanders, Jr. (R), chair Alice Forgy Kerr (R) Brett Guthrie (R) Johnny Ray Turner (D) Daniel Mongiardo (D) Larry Saunders (D) Dan Kelly (R) Dan Seum (R) Bob Leeper (R) Tim Shaughnessy (D) Vernie McGaha (R) Robert Stivers (R) Gerald Neal (D) Jack Westwood (R) Ed Miller (D)

Banking and Insurance

Tom Buford (R), chair Julie Denton (R) Lindy Casebier (R) Albert Robinson (R) Bob Jackson (D) Ray Jones (D) David Karem (D) Richie Sanders Jr.(R) Marshall Long (D) Larry Saunders (D) Dan Seum (R)

Economic Development, Tourism & Labor

Katie Stine (R), Chair Walter Blevins Jr. (D) Dick Adams (D) Julie Denton (R) David Boswell (D) Alice Forgy Kerr (R) Bob Jackson (D) Vernie McGaha (R) Ernie Harris (R) Dick Roeding (R) Joey Pendleton (D)


Lindy Casebier (R), Chair Ernesto Scorsone (D) Walter Blevins (D) Gerald Neal (D) Brett Guthrie (R) Dan Seum (R) Johnny Ray Turner (D) Tim Shaughnessy (D) David Karem (D) Vernie McGaha (R) Alice Forgy Kerr (R) Robert Stivers (R) Vernie McGaha (R) Jack Westwood (R)

Health & Welfare

Julie Denton (R), Chair David Karem (D) Charlie Borders (R) Dan Seum (R) Tom Buford (R) Joey Pendleton (D) Paul Herron Jr. (D) Dick Roeding (R) Ed Miller (D) Daniel Mongiardo (D) Katie Stine (R) Judiciary Robert Stivers (R), Chair Dick Adams (D) Lindy Casebier (R) R.J. Palmer (D) Ray Jones (D) Katie Stine (R) Gerald A. Neal (D) Elizabeth Tori (R) Marshall Long (D) Jack Westwood (R) David Williams (R)

Licensing and Occupations

Brett Guthrie (R), Chair R.J. Palmer (D) Charlie Borders (R) Marshall Long (D) David Boswell (D) Bob Jackson (D) Tom Buford (R) Dick Roeding (R) Ed Worley (D) Virgil Moore (R) Jack Westwood(R)


David Williams (R), Chair Charlie Borders (R) David Boswell (D) David Karem (D) Dan Kelly (R) Marshall Long (D) Dick Roeding (R) Elizabeth Tori (R)

State and Local Government

Albert Robinson (R), Chair Ed Miller (D) Walter Blevins (D) Johnny Ray Turner (D) David Boswell (D) Alice Forgy Kerr (R) Ernie Harris (R) Charlie Borders (R) Ernesto Scorsone (D) Elizabeth Tori (R) David Williams (R)


Virgil Moore (R), Chair Paul Herron Jr. (D) Daniel Mongiardo (D) Dick Adams (D) Charlie Borders (R) Albert Robinson (R) Ray Jones (D) Richie Sanders Jr. (R) Dan Kelly (R) Bob Leeper (R) Ed Worley (D)

Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection

Dan Seum (R), Chair Paul Herron Jr. (D) R.J. Palmer (D) Tom Buford (R) David Karem (D) Ed Miller (D) Gerald Neal (D) Elizabeth Tori (R) Albert Robinson (R) Dick Roeding (R) Katie Stine (D) Joey Pendleton (D) Jack Westwood (R)

Kentucky House of Representatives 2002


Committee Assignments Agriculture and Small Business

Roger Thomas (D) Chair ,Royce Adams, Adrian Arnold, John Arnold ,Sheldon Baugh, James Bruce, Dwight Butler, Mike Cherry, Phillip Childers, Jack Coleman ,James Comer, Charlie Hoffman, Thomas McKee, Fred Nesler, Don Pasley, William Scott, Dottie Sims, Gary Tapp, Mark Treesh ,Tommy Turner, Ken Upchurch

Appropriations and Revenue

Harry Moberly, Jr. (D) Chair, Royce Adams, Rocky Adkins, Joe Barrows, Dwight Butler, Jim Callahan, Mike Cherry, Larry Clark, Jack Coleman, Barbara Colter, Jesse Crenshaw, Robert Damron, Bob DeWeese ,Danny Ford, Bob Heleringer ,Joni Jenkins, Jimmie Lee ,Mary Lou Marzian, Thomas McKee, Lonnie Napier, Fred Nesler, Stephen Nunn, Charles Siler, John Will Stacy, Mark Treesh, JohnVincent, Jim Wayne ,Robin Webb, Rob Wilkey

Banking and Insurance

James Bruce (D) Chair, John W. Adams, Paul Bather, Sheldon Baugh ,Ira Branham ,James Comer, Brian Crall ,Ron Crimm, Robert Damron, Mike Denham, Joseph Fischer, Danny Ford, Jim Gooch, Dennis Horlander, Don Pasley, Frank Rasche, Steven Riggs ,Dottie Sims ,Roger Thomas, Ken Upchurch ,Susan Westrom, Rob Wilkey

Economic Development

Ruth AnnPalumbo (D) Chair, Rocky Adkins ,John Bowling, Scott Brinkman ,Buddy Buckingham, Perry Clark, Howard Cornett, Jesse Crenshaw, Tim Feeley, Charles Geveden, Gippy Graham, Jeffrey Hoover, Dennis Horlander, Thomas Kerr, Stan Lee, Gross Lindsay, Russ Mobley, Tanya Pullin, Tom Rine,r Brandon Smith, Charlie Walton, Mike Weaver


Frank Rasche (D) Chair, Larry Belcher ,Buddy Buckingham ,Mike Cherry, Jack Coleman ,Hubert Collins, Barbara Colter, Jon Draud, Tim Feeley, Gippy Graham, Mary Lou Marzian, Reginald Meeks, Charles Miller, Harry Moberly, Russ Mobley, Rick Nelson, Tom Riner, Charles Siler, Arnold Simpson, Dottie Sim,s Kathy Stein, Gary Tapp, Jim Thompson, Mark Treesh, Charlie Walton

Elections,Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs

Adrian Arnold (D) Chair, James Comer, Perry Clark, Woody Allen ,Joseph Fischer, Joe Barrows, Gross Lindsay, James Bruce ,Mary Lou Marzian, Charlie Hoffman

Health and Welfare

Thomas Burch (D) Chair, John Arnold ,Paul Bather, Kevin Bratcher, Brian Crall, Robert Damron, Bob DeWeese, Jim Gooch, Bob Heleringer, Joni Jenkins, Mary Lou Marzian, Stephen Nunn, Ruth A. Palumbo, Jon D. Reinhardt, Kathy Stein, Susan Westrom


Gross Lindsay (D)Chair, Paul Bather, Kevin Bratcher, Perry Clark, Jesse Crenshaw, Joseph Fischer, Charles Geveden, Bob Heleringer, Jeffrey Hoover, Frank Rasche, Arnold Simpson, John Will Stacy, Kathy Stein, Gary Tapp, John Vincent, Rob Wilkey, Brent Yonts

Labor and Industry

J. R. Gray (D) Chair, John Arnold, Denver Butler, Charlie Hoffman, Dennis Horlander, Joni Jenkins, Thomas Kerr ,Stan Lee, Russ Mobley, Rick Nelson, Stephen Nunn, Jim Stewart, Johnnie Turner, Brent Yonts

Licensing and Occupations

Denver Butler (D) Chair, Carolyn Belcher, Thomas Burch, Larry Clark, Ron Crimm, Jon Draud, Dennis Horlander, Joni Jenkins, Paul Marcotte, Reginald Meeks, Charles Miller, Ruth A. Palumbo, Jon D. Reinhardt, Jim Stewart

Local Government

Steven Riggs (D)Chair, John Adams, Adrian Arnold, Scott Brinkman, Jim Callahan, Ron Crimm, Mike Denham, Jon Draud, J. R. Gray, Charlie Hoffman, Stan Lee, Reginald Meeks, Marie Rader, William Scott, Arnold Simpson, Brandon Smith, Roger Thomas ,Jim Wayne

Natural Resources and Environment

Jim Gooch, Jr. (D) Chair, Rocky Adkins ,Woody Allen, Ira Braham, Scott Brinkman, Phillip Childers, Hubert Collins, Howard Cornett, Keith Hall, Don Pasley, Tanya Pullin, Marie Rader, Jim Stewart ,Johnnie Turner, Robin Webb, Brent Yonts


Jody Richards (D)Chair, Rocky Adkins, Woody Allen, Adrian Arnold, John Arnold Jr., Joe Barrows, Sheldon Baugh, Jim Callahan ,Larry Clark, Bob DeWeese, Danny Ford, Charles Geveden, Jeffrey Hoover, Jimmie Lee, Ruth A. Palumbo, Steve Riggs, John Will Stacy, Kathy Stein, Greg Stumbo, Rob Wilkey

Seniors, Military Affairs and Public Safety

Mike Weaver (D) Chair, Sheldon E. Baugh, Carolyn Belcher, Larry Belcher, Kevin Bratcher, Thomas Burch, Bob DeWeese, Danny Ford, Gippy Graham, Jodie Haydon, Jeffrey Hoover, Rick Nelson, Fred Nesler, Steven Riggs, Tom Riner, Charles Siler ,Dottie Sims, Jim Thompson, Susan Westrom

State Government

Charles Geveden Chair (D), John Adams, Woody Allen, Eddie Ballard, Joe Barrows ,Carolyn Belcher, John Bowling, James Bruce, Buddy Buckingham, Dwight Butler, Jim Callahan, Larry Clark, Tim Feeley, Jimmie Lee, Paul Marcotte, Lonnie Napier, Tanya Pullin, Jon D. Reinhardt, Arnold Simpson, John Will Stacy, Tommy Turner, Jim Wayne

Tourism Development and Energy

Thomas Robert Kerr (D) Chair, Royce Adams, Eddie Ballard, Carolyn Belcher, Phillip Childers, Brian Crall ,J. R. Gray, Keith Hall, Jodie Haydon, Tom McKee, Brandon Smith, JohnnieTurner, Charlie Walton, Robin Webb, Ken Upchurch


Hubert Collins (D) Chair, John Arnold, Eddie Ballard, Larry Belcher, John Bowling, Ira Branham, Denver Butler, Barbara Colter, Howard Cornett, Mike Denham, Keith Hall, Jodie Haydon, Jimmie Lee, Paul Marcotte, Charles Miller, Lonnie Napier, Marie Rader, William Scott, Jim Thompson, Tommy Turner, John Vincent ,Mike Weaver
By Kentucky Resources Council on 03/07/2002 5:32 PM
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