EQC Funding Still in Doubt

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EQC Funding Still in Doubt  Posted: July 19, 2003
Yesterday, the House voted overwhelmingly to override Governor Patton's veto of budget language directing that the Natural Resources Cabinet fund the Environmental Quality Commission budget ($253,700) for FY 2003-4 out of a $900,000 additional appropriation given to the Cabinet for that year.

Last evening, however, the Senate leadership indicated that it would not override the veto (Veto Item #9), instead letting stand the Governor's gutting of the EQC budget.

The Senate will convene this morning at 10 a.m. for the last legislative day. PLEASE SEND A FAX TO SENATOR DAN KELLY AND SENATOR DAVID WILLIAMS AT 1-502-564-0577 AND URGE THEM TO OVERRIDE VETO #9. Also, leave a toll free message for "all Senators" at 1-800-372-7181

By Kentucky Resources Council on 07/19/2003 5:32 PM
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