Legislative Update: (3/7/2001)

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Legislative Update: (3/7/2001)  Posted: March 7, 2001
Thanks to your help, the House voted 95-0 to endorse the designation of the area around the Pine Mountain Settlement School as unsuitable for mining!

Your help is needed on these bills and resolutions. Please call 1-800-372-7181 to leave a message for each member of House leadership: Reps. Jody Richards, Greg Stumbo, Larry Clark, Joe Barrows, Jeff Hoover, Bob DeWeese, Jim Callahan and Woody Allen, and ask them to:

REJECT the Senate Amendments to House Bill 218, which would bar the state agencies from adopting regulations more stringent than federal regulations; prohibit adoption of emergency regulations, including regulations to control industrial hog and chicken operations, within one year of prior emergency regulations on the same subject; and would eliminate the ability of the governor to adopt e-regulations except in cases of imminent danger (removing the current power to adopt such regulations to protect public health and the environment. The Senate substitute to HB 218 incorporated the provisions of SB 73.

RECOMMIT SB 73 and not bring that bill to the House Floor for a vote, since it contains these same offensive provisions as the Senate Substitute to HB 218.

REJECT SENATE FLOOR AMENDMENT 1 TO HJR 107, which would put "property rights groups" on the Smart Growth Task Force.
By Kentucky Resources Council on 03/07/2001 5:32 PM
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