Legislative Update March 8, 2001

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Legislative Update March 8, 2001  Posted: March 8, 2001

At noon today, Thursday March 8, 2001 both the House and Senate will reconvene, using one of the days set aside for "concurrence" with bills changed by the other body, to pass new bills instead.

Among those passed within the last two day are several for which you should be proud of your efforts:

HR 133, a resolution expressing the support of the House of Representatives for designating the land around Pine Mountain Settlement School as off-limits to mining, passed 95-0 in the House.

HB 305, which will allow establishment of low-income energy assistance programs by the Public Service Commission, passed the Senate and is on the way to the Governor, who previously indicated that he would sign such a bill. PLEASE CALL THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE AT 502-564-2611 AND LEAVE A MESSAGE URGING HIM TO SIGN HB 305.

The status of some other bills hangs in the balance:

SB 73, which would prevent adoption of emergency regulations to protect human health and the environment absent an "imminent" danger, and which would eliminate the Cabinet's ability to be more protective than federal minimum standards, is in House Rules and is likely to remain there and not be voted on by the House.

HB 218, which was amended by the Senate to include these same offensive provisions, is before the House for concurrence. PLEASE CALL REP. GREG STUMBO, LARRY CLARK, JOE BARROWS AND JIM CALLAHAN, 502-564=8100 OR LEAVE EACH OF THEM A MESSAGE AT 800-372-7181 TO OPPOSE THE SENATE AMENDMENT TO HB 218, AND TO HOLD SB 73 IN RULES UNTIL ADJOURNMENT.

A compromise was reached on "voluntary remediation/brownfields" legislation, which will be described in a separate message to follow.
By Kentucky Resources Council on 03/08/2001 5:32 PM
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