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Oppose Senate Bill 48  Posted: February 10, 2001
Senate Bill 48, sponsored by Senator Dan Seum (R-Louisville) would
abolish vehicle emissions testing programs in Louisville and Northern

The result of the bill, if enacted, will be that the ozone pollution in the air in Louisville and Jefferson County will become worse, and that either EPA will deny our request to be declared an attainment area for ozone pollution, or that we will have to find over 12 tons per day of ozone reductions from industry and other sources besides cars and trucks, in order to develop a maintenance plan to seek degination as an attainment area.

The bill states that it allows the contractors to run the vehicle
programs until October 31, 2003, which is when the contract expires, but the law removes immediately the enforcement mechanism, so that the program will become voluntary and, as cars cease to use the program, significant financialliability will accrue to Jefferson County and the state.

The bill will be heard at a special meeting of the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee on adjournment next Tuesday, February 13, in Room 129 of the Capitol Annex.

Please call or fax your state Senator and representatives and ask them to OPPOSE SENATE BILL 48. To call, either contact them at home this weekend or call 1-502-564-8100, or send a fax to 1-502-564-6543 in Frankfort, and indicate on the cover sheet to whom you want it delivered. For more information on the negative impacts of this bill, contact Air Pollution Control District at 574-6000.

Tom FitzGerald

By Kentucky Resources Council on 02/10/2001 5:32 PM
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