Thanks! Corporation Constitutional Amendment Modified!

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Thanks! Corporation Constitutional Amendment Modified!  Posted: March 29, 2002
The House Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee amended Senate Bill 120 to eliminate Kentucky Constitution Sections 195 and 205 from the list of sections to be placed before the voters for repeal.

The Committee action assures that constitutional requirements directing that the General Assembly enact laws providing for revocation of corporate charters in the event of misdeeds, and a second amendment protecting individual rights from corporate infringement, will remain part of the state constitution.

Thanks so much for your faxes and calls in to the offices of Greg Stumbo and Adrian Arnold. They certainly help in getting this amendment modified by the House committee.

Please take a minute and call, toll free, to 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message for Representatives Greg Stumbo, Adrian Arnold, Perry Clark, James Comer, Woody Allen, Joe Barrows, James Bruce, Joseph Fischer, Charlie Hoffman, Gross Lindsay and Mary Lou Marzian, and tell them thanks for amending SB 120 to address the concern that Section 195 and 2056 should not be put on the ballot for repeal

By Kentucky Resources Council on 03/29/2002 5:32 PM
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