KRC Director Interviewed by Herald-Leader on Coal Mines

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Recently, the Herald-Leader reached out to KRC Director, Tom FitzGerald, concerning Kentucky's coal industry low compliance rates. 57% of Kentucky's surface coal mine permits were free of violations during oversight inspections in the most recent evaluation. When the Herald-Leader reached out to FitzGerald, he had this to say:
"It's hard to determine what factors account for the higher percentage of sites with violations, but that it could result from the high number of idled mines. Tight market conditions often cause operators to defer proper maintenance of mine sites... In any event, the continued slide in the number of sites that are not in compliance, and the number of OSM-observed violations, is a troubling trend,” 
Article written by Bill Estep.
By Kentucky Resources Council on 06/28/2019 1:37 PM
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