LWD Ordered to Close

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LWD Ordered to Close  Posted: October 29, 2003
For many years, local activists have sought the closure of the LWD hazardous waste incinerator in Calvert City, Kentucky. The Cabinet proposed, on June 4, 2003, to terminate the authorization for the incinerator (called "interim status") based, in the Cabinet's words, on the facility's violations of "multiple environmental laws and regulations, both state and federal[.]" "Operating records from 2003 inspections revealed increasingly poor combustion practices that indicate dangerous emissions to the residents of Marshall and Livingston Counties in Kentucky."

On October 22, the Cabinet finalized a determination to terminate LWD's interim status and ordered LWD to begin closure. While the company may appeal the decision, the Cabinet's action is an important step towards bringing closure to this controversial facility.

By Kentucky Resources Council on 10/29/2003 5:32 PM
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