Oppose Amendment to Permit End Run Around Local Control & Solid Waste Planning

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Oppose Amendment to Permit End Run Around Local Control & Solid Waste Planning  Posted: March 9, 2001
Last Minute Amendment Avoids Local Solid Waste Plan Approval and Public Review for Solid Waste "Gasification"

Thursday evening, in a special meeting of the Senate Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee, an amendment intended to help a company build a "solid waste gasification" facility in an eastern Kentucky county, was tacked onto an agriculture bill by Senator Dan Kelly.

The amendment adopts an overbroad definition of solid waste "gasification" that is broad enough to allow open tire dumps, solid waste incinerators, and other solid waste combustion processes to be called "gasification" merely because they give off gases.

The most immediate effect of the amendment is to allow a company to avoid local solid waste planning and a local government "consistency determination" required under Senate Bill 2.

I have written a letter opposing this last-minute amendment and asking that it be withdrawn or, if it is enacted, that a second amendment be made to assure that any solid waste "gasification" facility would be subject to local government approval under the solid waste plan.

PLEASE CALL 1-800-372-7181 as early tomorrow (Friday) as you can and leave a message urging Senator Kelly to withdraw the amendment or to adopt language assuring that solid waste gasification facilities must comply with local solid waste plan approvals; and call Representative Greg Stumbo's office at 1-502-564-8100 and ask him not to accept the Senate amendment unless the second change is made to avoid the end-run of local solid waste planning. ALSO PLEASE CONSIDER SENDING A FAX - SENATOR KELLY'S FAX NUMBER IS 502-564-8317 AND REP. STUMBO'S FAX IS 502-564-0588.

Thank you!!!
By Kentucky Resources Council on 03/09/2001 5:32 PM
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