Governor Vetoes EQC Funding

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Governor Vetoes EQC Funding  Posted: July 19, 2003
Carrying water for the polluting industries who have long sought to eliminate the EQC, the Governor's press statement lamely justifies this action on the basis that the Cabinet has not been appropriated any funds for this purpose and would have to curtail important environmental enforcement programs to divert this money to the Commission. In fact, the appropriations language struck by the Governor indicated that the General Fund appropriations to the Cabinet had been increased to include the EQC funding. The $900,000 increase in Cabinet funding in FY03-4 was intended by the General Assembly to include EQC funding.

The Governor's excuse that funding the EQC would result in curtailing other important environmental enforcement programs would have a less hollow a ring had not the Governor serially cut the Cabinet's budget over the past year, inflicting an aggregate reduction of almost 10% of the Cabinet's overall budget. The elimination of the EQC by the Governor further undercuts an uneven environmental record already in question after his approval this morning of House Bill 524, which eliminates any regulation of abusive oil and gas industry practices in siting gathering lines.

Please contact House Leadership, Representatives Stumbo, Richards, Barrows, L. Clark and Callahan, and Rep. Moberly, and Senate Leadership, Sen. Williams, Kelly, Roeding, Worley, Turner, Tori, Jackson and Sanders, and ask that they override the veto of the EQC when they return to Frankfort on Monday March 24. Send them a fax at 502-564-6543

By Kentucky Resources Council on 07/19/2003 5:32 PM
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