A ordinance is legislation passed by a municipality that applies to the local jurisdiction. As part of the work of the Center for Environmental Policy, KRC develops model ordinances for use by any of Kentucky's counties (or to be adapted for use outside of Kentucky).
The Model Ordinances you see below provide a framework, but may need to be tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each county. 

Questions and Passing an Ordinance
If your county is interested in any of the below ordinances and would like more information, or you would like to report the passing of one of the below ordinances, please email us at

Kentucky Model Solar Zoning Ordinance
In response to the increasing interest in the development of solar energy resources in Kentucky, the Kentucky Resources Council has developed this Model Solar Zoning Ordinance to assist localities in adopting provisions to regulate the siting of solar energy facilities in their communities.

This Model Solar Zoning Ordinance is based upon a review of best practices from across the United States and is tailored to meet the unique needs of Kentucky, with the goals of encouraging appropriate siting of solar facilities and protection of the correlative rights of landowners to the use and enjoyment of their lands.

All counties in Kentucky are unique, and planning and zoning should be tailored to meet and guide current development and future aspirations of the county residents. The ordinance offers a “menu” of options in certain areas, to allow local officials in conjunction with county residents, to select the options that best meet their needs.  

This Model Ordinance provides the framework for the regulation of land uses involving the construction and operation of solar facilities. It is intended to provide suggestions for consideration by communities, Planning and Zoning Commissions, and County governments as revisions are made to Comprehensive Plans and zoning ordinances and may need to be modified or adapted to conform to the framework of local planning and zoning ordinances.

The Kentucky Model Solar Zoning Ordinance.