• Hazardous Liquids Pipelines

    KRC'S Center for Environmental Policy's briefing paper presents
    background concerning applicable state and federal law and
    hazardous liquids pipelines, in order to help inform the deliberations
    of local governments and planning and zoning agencies. 

    Read the paper now. 


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  • Now Hiring

    Do you have a passion for environmental justice? 
    Do you care about environmental health for all Kentuckians?
    Do you love making connections with people who care about the same thing?

    Consider applying to be KRC's Development Associate for Major Gifts (part-time)!


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  • Opposition to Weakening Standards on Coal Combustion Residuals

    KRC was proud to join 73 other organizations in commenting in opposition to a proposed EPA
    rulemaking that would weaken environmental protections associated with the management of
    coal combustion residuals from coal-fired power plants. 

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    We've been working hard on KELI  to bring in-person
    training to those want to better advocate for the places
    they live and love. While our in-person trainings are
    postponed, we are moving forward! In this first season,
    we are sitting down (virtually) with legal professionals
    who share their experiences with environmental law.

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For 35 years, the Kentucky Resources Council has been a trusted source of legal representation, advice, and assistance to individuals, communities, and local governments on a wide range of environmental and energy issues.  Accepting no corporate or government money, and providing legal assistance without charge, KRC relies on its members and supporters to enable us to provide unflinching advocacy for those who live "downhill, downwind, and downstream." 

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Since 1984, KRC has been a trusted resource for comprehensive analysis of energy and environmental issues for citizens, government officials, and non-profit organizations.


We work to ensure individuals and communities impacted by environmental decisions have a voice in the policy-making process at all levels of government, and that values more durable than short-term profit guide public policy.


We believe every Kentuckian has the right to clean air, clean water, and healthy communities. We use the power of the law to secure and advance these essential rights.

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