For nearly four decades, KRC has been a trusted source of legal representation advice and assistance to individuals, communities, and local governments on a wide range of environmental and energy issues. Accepting no corporate or government grants and providing legal assistance without charge, KRC relies on individual donations to provide unflinching advocacy for those who live downhill, downwind, and downstream. By not accepting corporate or government grants to fund our three programs, we eliminate potential conflict of interest that would possibly prevent us from pursuing environmental justice in the court system for all Kentuckians.

Our endowment, the Kentucky Resources Foundation, operated through the Blue Grass Community Foundation, is also an option for making a contribution to support our work. Gifts made to the endowment provide long-range support and enhances stability for the entire organizaiton. Donations are full tax-deductible and directly support our mission of protecting Kentucky's natural and built communities.

Make a gift to the Kentucky Resources Foundation, KRC's endowment fund

Fund the Endowment


The Endow Kentucky Tax Credit program allows donors to receive a charitable deduction AND a credit against Kentucky state taxes by making a contribution to a qualified endowment fund. A pool of $1 million in tax credits is available to taxpayers, individual and corporate, through this program each year on July 1.

Eligible donors will receive a 20% income tax credit (not to exceed $10,000) per taxable year. 

But this tax credit goes fast! Learn how you can apply for this program and apply for the credit.

How does the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit Work?
  1. Complete a one-page application for preliminary approval.
    • Contact or 502-875-2428 for an application that is pre-filled our endowment information.
  2. After receiving your approved preliminary authorization letter from the Kentucky Department of Revenue (KDOR), send a copy to us, or to the Blue Grass Community Foundation (BGCF)
  3. Within 30 days of the approval letter, make a contribution to our endowment
  4. Within 10 days of making the gift, BGCF will confirm the gift with KDOR, which will then issue you a final approval letter. 
How and when do I submit my Endow KY tax credit application?
The KDOR will accept applications beginning July 1 and until the $1 million tax credit pool is exhausted. The easiest way to submit your application is to email it to KRC on or before June 30. We will ensure that it is properly submitted to the KDOR on your behalf on July 1.

Applications can also be submitted directly to the KDOR via email, fax, or hand-delivery.
DO NOT send your application to the KDOR prior to July 1.  It will not be accepted.  

Is there a minimum or maximum contribution to qualify?

  • There is no minimum gift to qualify for the tax credit.
  • The maximum gift allowed under the Endow Kentucky tax credit Program is $50,000. 
  • There is no maximum gift for the Endowment itself, but the Kentucky tax credit is limited to $50,000.  

When will I know if my application was approved?
KDOR will send you an approval letter via email or certified mail within three weeks from the time you apply (after July 1). 

Do I send my gift in with my application?
No, do not send the gift until you receive approval from the KDOR.

When do I make my gift?
You must make your gift within 30 days of the date you receive your approval letter from the KDOR.

Where do I send my gift?
499 East High Street, Suite 112
Lexington, KY 40507

Make checks payable to Blue Grass Community Foundation and make sure to list Kentucky Resources Foundation in the check memo line.  

Am I guaranteed to receive a 20% tax credit?
All applications received between July 1 and July 7 will receive a prorated portion of the credit pool, with a maximum credit of 20%.  Any remaining credits will be allocated on a first come, first service basis, with a maximum credit of 20%.

Where can I get help with my application?
Please contact Donna Counts at or call us at 502-875-2428. 

BGCF staff is also available to assist.

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Halee Cunningham (
Jane Higgins (

Every Kentuckian has a right to clean air, clean water, and land free of pollution.