Our Vision

We imagine a Kentucky where the air is clean, the water safe,
and nature and natural resources are safeguarded and not abused.

defending kentucky

Kentucky Resources Council (KRC) combines smart policy and legal advocacy to protect the Commonwealth's natural resources and ensure environmental justice for Kentucky's most vulnerable people and communities. Since 1984, KRC has worked to ensure that individuals impacted by environmental decisions have a voice in the policy-making process.

Across the Commonwealth, KRC provides consistent, aggressive advocacy on environmental and public health issues by monitoring and educating the public on permits, regulations, and legislation; facilitating networking among environmental and citizen groups; and providing direct and indirect legal representation without charge to individuals, community groups and local governments. 

KRC is always on call - ready to provide assistance to those who live downhill, downwind, and downstream - whose homes, health, lands, and quality of life are damaged or threatened by irresponsible development of our natural resources and pollution. From reforming mining laws to protecting Black Mountain, the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Cumberland Gap's Fern Lake, and UK's Robinson Forest from mining, from winning a Kentucky Supreme Court decision that confirmed the Bluegrass Pipeline could not take property through eminent domain, to legislative advocacy in Frankfort and case-by-case assistance on land, water, and resource extraction issues, KRC has stood in the gap.

We Believe

  • Every Kentuckian has a right to clean air, clean water, and land free of pollution
  • Nature and natural resources should be protected from abuse
  • A healthy environment is essential for a sound economy
  • We are all stewards of our world, accountable to each other and to our children’s children, and all future generations, for the choices we make
  • Environmental and energy decisions and policies should be informed by humility, justice, and prudence
  • Public resources should not be taken for private gain or wasted

The Kentucky Resources Council is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1984 and directed since 1985 by Tom FitzGerald.

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Our Mission

We work to protect our built and natural communities from pollution and environmental damage.
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The Kentucky Resources Council has been at the center of the most important environmental issues facing our Commonwealth for the last 35 years. Join with us today as we continue to work together to protect our Kentucky.