Making a gift of securities is as easy as making a cash gift and doing so may offer tax advantages. Speak to your tax advisor for specific guidance.


give the gift of stock

If your stock is held by a broker, your broker will need the following information to transfer stock to KRC:
  • Account Name: Kentucky Resources Council
  • DTC#: 0226 
  • Account Number: 091-657549
  • For reference, Kentucky Resources Council’s federal tax identification number is 31-1042931.

Our stock account is held by PNC Investments. A Kentucky PNC representative is available to provide assistance at 859-514-4943. Alternatively, you can call toll-free at 1-800-762-6111 to speak to someone at a customer service center who can provide additional information or assistance.

Please ask your broker to attach your name to the transfer so we can track it back to you when it comes to our account.
If you manage investments directly, your online brokerage account should have instructions to assist you in making a stock gift. If not, please reach out to KRC or to PNC Investments for assistance.

If you have physical stock certificates to donate,
Call PNC Investments for directions on donating physical stock certificates. Dial 859-514-4943.

Please feel free to contact KRC to let us know there is a stock gift on its way! If you have any questions concerning your stock transfer, contact Elizabeth Graves, Director of Development, at

Join our Legacy Society

Leave your legacy by making a planned gift to the Kentucky Resources Council. Contact Elizabeth Graves at to inform KRC if you've made KRC a beneficiary of your estate
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Giving to our endowment, the Kentucky Resources Foundation, ensures our work will be well supported into the future. Click here to give via the Blue Grass Community Foundation. Choose "Kentucky Resources Foundation" from the list of funds accepting donations.