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Children in future generations will live in a better world because the Kentucky Resources Council
stood in the gap and fought a fight that would alter the course of their world.
– Judy Hensley, Educator, Harlan County

The Kentucky Resources Council is the only statewide organization in the Commonwealth providing legal, technical, and strategic assistance to individuals and communities spanning all three branches of government and a range of energy and environmental issues affecting public health, quality of life, and the environment. KRC has assisted in the development and enactment of comprehensive and protective environmental laws and in opposing and defeating bills harmful to environmental health and justice.  For 35 years, KRC has worked to hold government agencies and polluters accountable under environmental laws and rules, and we provide legal representation at no cost to those who have nowhere else to turn when their lives and communities are impacted by environmental abuses.

We also conduct comprehensive research and thoroughly analyze complicated environmental and energy issues to help inform the public and enable them to participate in tackling today’s most challenging problems. We provide our members and allies with sound, science-based information and together we advocate for policies and laws that protect our environment and promote healthy communities, now and into the future.

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We imagine a Kentucky where the air is clean, the water safe, and where nature and natural resources are safeguarded and not abused.